Bible Changes and Prophetic Utterances

On This WordPress Site We Will Examine Bible Changes That Are Constantly Occurring And Also Prophecies Which Witness To My Spirit

There has even been at least one false prophecy in reference to the fact that there are no changes in the Bible and this is grievous at best but again shows who our arch enemy is and his extreme intelligence. Recently I noticed not only a scripture has changed but also the photocopy of what I had made more than a year ago has also changed !!

These changes are constantly being made and it saddens me as many years ago God had told me through another minister that I was a watchman for the Word so I have cried many tears as I have seen changes that have occurred and are CONSTANTLY occurring due to fallen angel technology and high level witchcraft. When once I considered the NIV the NIP (mostly still do) I now read it alongside of the KJV as many of the changes in the KJV are reflected in the NIV. As an example..Mt 9:17 in the KJV now wineskins is gone and bottles is in its place and in the MODERN language NIV in the same verse bottles is gone and is now wineskins. You may ask yourself why is the KJV the one that is suffering the greatest attack and the reason is relatively simple and it is that the KJV is the most faithful to the original languages of the Bible, i.e., Hebrew and Greek.

What follows below will be a series of images that will try to show many of the changes to the KJV and now some changes affect all Bible versions as well as all the references based on the KJV such as concordances, lexicons, sermon preparation volumes, and original language changes in Hebrew and Greek as well as SECULAR references. As I stated these changes are occurring daily and exist not only in the Biblical texts and references but now in secular sources as well including the internet.

Why is this last section so large you may ask if we are talking about discernment, doctrine, and deception, and the reason really is quite simple and here is the word from the Psalmist… Psa. 138:2 I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy lovingkindness and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name. (emphasis mine) Psa. 119:11 Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee. Psa. 119:105 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. Psa. 119:104 Through thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way and many other Scriptures but remember Jesus is the name above all names yet He has magnified His Word even above His name.

Before I begin with specific examples I ask that those who were raised on the KJV to do this… There are 2 versions of the Lord’s Prayer. One in Matthew and one in Luke.. The majority of the western church is familiar with the one in Luke but I was raised a presbyterian and the version in Matthew is what I used. Get a blank piece of paper with a pencil/pen and without looking write out exactly what you remember the Lord’s prayer to be and when you are finished go to a hard copy printed version of the KJV and compare what you wrote to what you see.

Now let us look at specific examples of changes that I have seen and are occurring constantly due to fallen angel technology and high level witchcraft BUT know this God is not caught unawares and He is allowing the attack on His Word so that Scripture would be fulfilled. I will say at this point changes that I have seen are those not only with changes of common nouns, but with proper nouns, verbs, conjunction, prepositions, KJV words that are now used were never in the language in those days.. words such as because, pillow, stuff and others that I will show. Let me say at this point there are literally thousands of changes and they are changing constantly and it would be impractical to even attempt to show them yet know they do exist as I shall attempt to demonstrate with my prayer being that there would be not a person left that after reading this can say that there are no changes. Some of the word changes are so clearly demonic it should be obvious to even those with an elementary knowledge of the Bible and I will start this final section by stating that when I was in seminary in the 80’s my Hebrew professor told us that the KJV translators made one of their few errors with Genesis 1:1 where they translated the Hebrew plural shamayim (heavens) as a singular heaven. This change is NOT due to fallen angel technology or high level of witchcraft but was always there yet there are many today that are saying it is a recent change. This is so very typical of many other comments that are made in ignorance.

I will be demonstrating changes but they will not be in a logical sequence or inclusive as my goal is to show the far reaching changes in the KJV and other versions.

Genesis 1:1

This next verse when I was reading what it now said I started to cry as it was the first messianic prophecy with promise and it was ..and He shall crush thy head and thou shalt strike his heel. This is speaking of the total destruction and death of satan and the wounding of Jesus yet now we read that not only is this now depersonifying Jesus but also making him seem equal to satan and may be in part responsible for the most ridiculous and to me angering graphic on the internet and that is of Jesus and satan sitting at a table and arm wrestling. How absolutely disgusting and ludicrous to think that an Omnipotent God would even have the slightest challenge beating satan in a contest. How ignorant of the people who designed this graphic as they do not know the same God that I know.

Genesis 3:15

This is an example of the KJV now using a word that was not ever used in the text before and even the Greek in this instance shows that it is not to be translated as “stuff”. Not only that but the very proper English language of the KJV would never use a common slang word “stuff”.

Stuff being used in place of household vessel

Genesis 31:37 stuff used in place of utensil

The promotion of the homosexual lifestyle by Jesus with 2 small word changes.. In Luke 17:34 there is the addition of “men” and in Luke 17:35 there is the elimination of the word “grain”.

Lk 17:34-35

At this point I want to show you the Lord’s prayer and how it has changed and even an image that I made a couple years ago of the version in Luke has been changed to what a recent change exists now as of a couple of weeks ago.

The Lord’s Prayer in the KJV and NIV showing corruption

Notice in this screen it clearly shows the Greek epi which means over upon and yet it is changed in English to in and you can see in the Greek that in heaven ev is in

showing other versions on earth

Again showing epi and ev

To those that still question the Matthew version… Listen to who I consider one of the greatest singers of
all time..”

Here are plaques showing how the Matthew and Luke versions of the Lord’s Prayer I memorized in the 50’s existed.

Mt 6 Lord’s Prayer (Presbyterian and a few western denominations)

Luke 11 Lord’s Prayer (Majority of western denominations)

Negev is a place that was referred to 36 times in the KJV The Negev is a desert and semidesert region of southern Israel. The region’s largest city and administrative capital is Beersheba in the north. Notice that allthough I am not showing all 36 of the instances where you will no longer see Negev in the KJV but it will be translated as south or south country This is a significant change as you can see here.

Negev #1
Negev #2
Negev #3
Negev #4

Another incredibly significant change is that there is NO LONGER Holy of Holies in the KJV and even the NIV.. You may know the song Come into the Holy of Holies ??

NASB showing Holy of Holies

All of my references except this one no longer say Holy of Holies but I found this when was researching the Tabernacle of Moses for my teaching.

This is one on the demonic changes I mentioned and I think you can see it when compared to the NASB and the NIV now..

Living Creatures changed to beasts #1
Living Creatures changed to beasts #2

As a matter of fact all through the Book of Revelation now we see living creature changed to beast and living creatures changed to beasts.

Now look at this genealogy in Matthew first 12 verses alone.. This is why everytime I read the Word now I pray that the Holy Spirit would show me the original intent of the writer as it is devastating without it as even if you memorized in the past confusion sets in because of the repeated assaults.

Mt 12 first 12 verses alone..
Mt verses 12-14

Wineskin changed to bottle notice that it makes no sense AND that the modern version NIV now has wineskins . Perhaps we should call Ernest and Julio Gallo and tell them to stop bottling their wine in bottles as the bottles are sure to break when fresh wine is added ??

Here we see an example �obviously of pasteurization� 3100 years before Louis Pasteur was even born
Bottle of milk…

An example of a word that was not in the KJV before is seen in Luke 10:20.. It is a memorization verse for me as verse 21 speaks of Jesus rejoicing and the Greek word used is agalliao which means to jump up and spin around in joy.

Luke 10:20 because now there instead of that

This is a word that does not exist anywhere in the world yet after it was changed in the KJV Even the secular references show this change and yet my dad was a gemologist for more than 30 years and this protein filled brain food never existed before. I of course am being ridiculous but that is what we are now led to believe actually exists.

Even now as I am writing this it has been changed again in the NIV it is no longer a sardius but now a ruby

Sardine stone

referencing sardine stone

again this was totally unknown it was a sardius..

The KJV now uses the word alien where it was before stranger, foreigner and once again the MODERN NIV uses the KJV words

Another word that is used repeatedly and was used only 1 time in the book of Job was unicorn but look here now..wild ox is now changed to unicorn in the KJV

unicorn vs wild ox   youngs corruption

Another word that was hardly used before was dragon except in Revelation

Dragon used repeatedly when only  in revelation

Many people have sung the song and there have even been ministries called the Lion and the Lamb,.yet now one of the universal changes NOT only in the KJV but in all versions and all biblical resources that I have in my library (more than 3000 volumes) it no longer exists and it is now the wolf and the lamb in Is 11:6 and Is 65:25. Wolf as many of you know is a type of satan..

Wolf replaces lion in every reference..

Another word that never existed is sycamine as it was sycamore such as the tree that Zacchaeus climbed up to see Jesus because he was a wee little man as we sung in Sunday school many years ago.. Zacchaeus was a wee little man and a wee little man was he,,he climbed up in a sycamore tree for the Lord he wanted to see. And He said Zacchaeus you come down for I�m going to your house today, I going to your house today.

That being said these changes are occurring and several times they are being reversed or redone and here such as what originally was sycamore and then until recently was sycamine and now as I am doing this paper it is now sycomore a third change.

5July18 again it is sycomore

Jeremiah changed to Jeremy only in the KJV

One thing that people say never existed yet it was always in the KJV was piss or pisseth and the soldiers were at times counted as those that pisseth against the wall.

Drink their own piss

pisseth against the wall

In this concluding section I have tried to show the changes that have been made in the Bible whether hard copy sitting on your shelf or an electronic version. Knowing that these changes are constantly occurring and that the Father is allowing it to bring about biblical prophecy brings me now to the last point but really is the reason for what you have just seen,

I was teaching and sharing about these changes almost daily a couple of years ago and I had taken a 3 day vacation and I returned and was sharing with my intercessor partner Linda Hasche and I wanted to show her something as we looked at photos of the Grand Canyon and I said that the photo that my sister had taken on her bucket list before she passed away literally changed when I went to look at it next. I showed Linda the pictures of the Grand Canyon and she said “that is not the Grand Canyon but the Grand Creek as I have been there”. I then had her read to me Amos 8:11-12 and she did and I said no read in the KJV and she did and I said no read in the KJV and she said she was. I then checked as I had been using this verse set virtually every day except for my 3 day vacation and when I read it I was shocked… Verse 12 used to read from the north to the south and from the east to the west.. Speaking of a total area being a famine of hearing the words of the Lord and now it says which makes about as much sense as putting wine in a bottle and it breaking… from the north to the east.

This latest change like lion changed to wolf is absolutely universal in all the texts and language references and you can see it here.., but Linda was saying,,, hmm now one can say, I know where you can get a copy of the word just follow me to the southwest or west..for after all the 360 degree circle that was totally blocked is now only 90 degrees blocked.

Amos 8:11-12

What kind of days are we in now.. Daniel 7:25 speaks..

in reference to this verse I share a word that was essentially Obama being read his rights by the Father given to Wendi Lee 28Sep16

This Message is from the GREAT I AM! Ruler over all peoples, nations, tongues, and I AM SOVEREIGN! I AM Merciful and I AM Compassionate. I AM sending My Scribe to compose this critical Message. I AM serving you a reminder, Barack Hussein Obama; I AM has given you your boundaries. You shall not step a toe past them. You know WHO I AM! I have complete and utter control over your father the devil, and I have complete and utter control over you. Barack, do you think you can honestly contest with ME? The ONE WHO created this very universe in and out of time existing? Your fate, which is eternal, is set to MY SEAL, MY WORD, which is MY SON YESHUA, WHO loves you Barack, for you are God�s Very Creation. But you are of satan, the father of lies and a murderer. You know you will not be able to do as you please with MY CHILDREN! Let FATHER OF ALL THINGS, beings, demons, entities, all things great, all things small, Creator of the evil and the good; I shall remind you, that I, GOD ETERNAL will thwart some of your underhanded and vicious plans towards those who belong to MY SON YESHUA! MY SAINTS will cling to MY SON, no matter what you may do to them! MY SON defeated your lying and putrid father and all the army with him! DO NOT FORGET THIS!!! GOD, LIVING AND BREATHING; GIVER OF LIFE more abundantly could take your life forever, you are aware of this; before your appointed time in MY LAKE OF FIRE! You won’t have very long to be unleashed, and I will keep you on a very short time constraint; for MY WORD says I will shorten the days for the sake of MY ELECT! You shall break the backs of your constituents; yes, you shall, for you are MY FIERY JUDGMENT against a world who has forgotten WHO I AM! But you and your father satan hath not forgotten, and you fear MY NAME JEHOVAH YAHWEH! You shall not enjoy this time Barack; for you will feel MY GREAT DISPLEASURE AND JUDGMENT UPON YOU! Your time of unraveling has begun! It is allowed, for MY WRATH will not be quenched until all is fulfilled. Remember Barack, MY SON YESHUA; for you cower at HIS VERY NAME!!!

THE GREAT I AM has given you your boundaries! I AM has spoken to you, son of perdition; the lawless one written of in MY WORD to wear out the Saints for just a little time! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

1 Timothy 1:16-17, But for that very reason I was shown mercy so that in me, the worst of sinners, Christ Jesus might display his immense patience as an example for those who would believe in him and receive eternal life. 17 Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory for ever and ever. Amen.

1 Corinthians 8:6, But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him.

Revelation 12:11, And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

Matthew 24:22, And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

Daniel 7:25, And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

To King Yeshua be the Glory.

I Will Send Your Rightful President Back

4 Feb 21 Given to Wendi Lee after completion of 21 day fast.

To My Little Children Papa God Yahweh has blessed this fast. Now it is time to leave your past and move forward in My Son Yeshua. He takes each one of you by the hand and leads you to My Promised Land. Land mines and explosions you have seen but Papa says that is what has been. You see My Little Ones, precious are you in My Sight and you are not a child of the night. Remember how Papa said persecution is coming to prepare and beware.

There will be a sting but You My Little Children have the King with all the bling. God Jehovah will take care of you, do not worry. My Son Yeshua is with you and this tightening of your freedoms will strengthen you too.

I will send your rightful president back where I AM ordained him to be and then My Children you will see My Perfect Plan with harmony. My Children you feel as this is very painful but I AM says to trust Me Papa God Yahweh for I hold the enemy back and he will find no more tracks to My Litte Ones. I hold the power and I AM Your Strong Tower.

It is becoming more clear to each of you that there is a stench in the government and this will be to the wicked’s detriment, But Papa says I AM The God Who Saves and I do make ways to bring My Children back to Me. This Papa says is why I allow all of the charade and deception. I love them and I desire for them to allow Me to take them to heaven. Some will return My Call but the ones who don’t will have a great fall.

This is the season of My Great Harvest and it will be the hardest for My Children to understand that The Son of Man has come to seek and save those that are lost.

My Glory will come upon My Little Ones as a thief, it will happen so fast then you shall be different and all will be in the past. Different levels and so many plans and adventures will I send you on. You will be strong, afterwards won’t be long.

I AM God Yahweh and I AM says watch the illegitimate prez dig a hole so deep, it will be from the veep that will lead and attack My Sheep. Hold fast to My Truth My Son Yeshua, He knows you and He will hold you and He will never let you go.

Knowledge and wisdom, pray for it with faith. My Son Yeshua is The King Of Glory and I AM Yahweh says to make the way straight for He comes on His Horse with all recourse and who will stop Him.

Father God Yahweh says to look up and be excited, this is the time coming to be united with My Son Yeshua Ha Maschiach. Yes you little ones you will be in it My Son’s Rapture will capture My Faithful and in the sky they shall fly. Papa loves all of My Little Doves.

I AM Will Put Trump Back In The Presidential Seat


3 Visions.. word King Yeshua and Papa Yahweh given to Wendi Lee

She wrote.. I saw a horrific and terrifying to my soul vision, I prayed and begged King Yeshua to help me take it away.

So I saw a certain politician bowing down to satan with him saying that person in front of him will worship him. Then I saw Obama (well I will mention his name) in front of a room doing the same and many politicians were behind him also doing the same. Then I saw Obama handing out money to each politician. Each pile of the money had blood all over it.

That was the end if the vision it was horrific the most evil thing and I never want to see it again

I had a vision before the horrific one but I woke up and could not remember anything about it and so the Lord gave it back to me.

Beautiful vision so much more wonderful. Before I had a lovely vision of Trump and Melania they were in the Presidents Office, they were bowing down in prayer to King Yeshua Lord Jesus Christ. They were on the carpet bowing down in front of the president’s desk. I saw them both as they prayed and from what I saw in the vision, it was that they prayed over every inch of that room. Then I saw Trump was sitting down behind the president’s desk and Melania was right beside him.

In this vision I saw Biden sitting behind the president’s desk but he was all tied up, his hands were all bound and there was a cover over his mouth. He couldn’t move. Obama was directly behind him standing up. Then there was paperwork in front of Biden on his desk and Obama was signing the paperwork for Biden.

I had a vision before the horrific one but I woke up and could not remember anything about it and so the Lord gave it back to me.

Then King Yeshua says..My Servant Wendi Lee has been shown who was running the illegitimate presidency for satan thinks he is in charge but I AM Yeshua will allow this only for a short time for the presidency is Mine to appoint.

I AM Yeshua anoints My Chosen not another. This presidency will not be so, you have witnessed the dough being handed out by the man of perdition blood soaked with My Infant Little Ones bleating. I will expose all of the rampant cheating, satan has been given just enough rope since he has resisted My Soap and his minions wll fall. The empire that he built was not built upon me The Great I AM. There will be a crack, small at first and then a great dearth and all will witness their shame, they will have no one to blame. Back to the drain there will be no one that complains. My Judgment has been set upon their heads, their expression will be dread, dread, dread. How dare they defy the God of Israel my people say and the wicked will pay.

Papa Yahweh

Write My Beautiful Scribe write. Tensions in the country are almost unbearable, Father says to you the enemy will scramble. My faithful are cringing at what they hear, I AM hears them in My Ear.

The setup is nearly complete I AM will put Trump back in the presidential seat. Patience in Me is key. Papa God Yahweh I AM is angry at the wicked for My Children were tricked. Some of My Little Ones are caught up in their pride, therefore they have been blindsided, not willing to look into and study My Book. Father has been saying the time was coming to study, study, study, but barely a few of you heard. They must understand this is a deception and they succeeded to help ban My Elected.

Some say it is good that Trumps’ gone, their eyes and ears are closed and now comes the pose, for they will be soaked with My Children’s Blood. They will kill My Babies out of the womb all the while digging their own tomb. The veil will be lifted and My Children will awake, and they will see how the enemy was out for the take, for they want earthly riches and pomp and I AM will drain the swamp.
They will geer and sneer and gnash their teeth as they will be ousted and put in the heat.

Father says no it is not time for obama and his puppets. I AM controls the capitol and I AM control the politics and I AM controls the enemies thoughts. I AM Yeshua will thwart the wicked’s plans as they have attacked the man that God Almighty anointed. Trump is the appointed. He will bring My Country back to Me, he will do this prayerfully. With Melania at his side they will turn people’s hearts towards Me as they bring back My Walls and liberty.

A little longer My Children, patience, patience is a great quality. Your Father of America And All The Nations, My Army will man their battle stations. My Son Of Man comes and who can stand. Make way the path straight and who can stop Him. Papa Daddy Abba speaks these words to My Servant and Scribe Wendi Lee. Papa loves you and I will bring to justice those who were in the coup.

Joe Biden Is Being Allowed To “Bide” His Time

Visions and Words Given to Wendi Lee on Day 9 of Fast 23Jan21

King Yeshua

O America, how I weep over you. You are Mine, My Remnant will shine it will be so divine saith King Yeshua.

then open vision with words someone talking on megaphone,,did you hear did you hear Biden ousted.. National Emergency.. this is the first time a President has been removed for treason..

Then King Yeshua said “Joe Biden is being allowed to “bide” his time but soon Biden will be a bye word. He will have never been your rightful leader, he was not in My Docket and he will sneer. There will be great upheaval but I AM Yeshua says you will not steal My America for that time is further and will not be usurped by the devil.

Now is My Glorious Remnants Time. Ring the bells and rejoice My Little Doves for King Yeshua says it is the reason of the season to have treason discovered. It will no longer be covered. Rejoice, Rejoice, and again I say rejoice. Your King Yeshua reigns over America and I have made My Choice.

Then a second vision and there were sirens like star trek used to have or a submarine. A speaker through a megaphone, Get into your houses America, Get into your houses America for this is My Battle and I have won the war. I will do more than even the score. This coup will be no more, I AM Yeshua have declared it “undone”and the enemy will be stunned.

Many Are Losing Hope As My Mysteries Unfold

Word from Papa Yahweh given to Wendi Lee 22Jan21

Write My Beautiful High Priestess Papa God Yahweh’s Words. Papa says it is not time to go to bed for as you stand you make the enemy dread. Many generations wished they had been in this one Oh My Children I AM not done for Father Of Glory will tell My Story for all to know and see. See Me I AM He and My Faithful shout for glee. I love You and I will tell You anew, I created you too, yes even you who hide from Yeshua. Your face won’t be blue when He gets a hold of you.

Many are losing hope as My Mysteries unfold, that I AM has told My Chosen. You are My Rose worth more than a dozen. I tenderly cultivate your leaves of hope and I give you My Soap to wash off of you the dirt and debris. Ah now you see its Me The Great I AM. I see your countenance and frowered it is, but Father God Yahweh says to look up and keep drinking from My Son Yeshua’s Cup. For this cup brings life where there is no strife.

Put your complete trust in Him, My Only Begotten Son, He is the One. Now tell me My Children will you follow My Way or suffer with the dread for if you reject My Son your battle will never be won. Father is narrowing the time, My Son Yeshua says will you be mine? He will lead you with His Right Hand and will call you friend. He loves to hear you call His Name and you will not worry about fame. Come on and lets go and watch this show.

I AM has meticulously directed this play and all of My Soldiers are at bay. They will march into My Son’s Arms, you will witness His Charm, for He will be the delight of His Warrior Brides. The enemy will not be able to hide for My Faithful Ones will be turning the tide. Stand My Children as My Son Yeshua has taught you. The cave you have hid in you have outgrown it. Rejoice and praise My Son Yeshua Ha Maschiach. He is also known as Jesus Christ My Anointed King who has all the bling.

My Son Yeshua comes and He will rescue the sum who have laid down their lives for Him. Yes they are the ones who said yes to My Son and they have run with great stealth. Now they will be brought to excellent and eternal health. Though the enemy tries, these My First Fruits shall never die. They will sing a new song and bring the rest of My Children home.

Papa says I got this My Children, keep pleasing Me with obedience and reverence. Do not fear my dear my dear. Papa God Yahweh sends My Son so soon now and who can stop Me? Make straight My Son Yeshua’s path The King Of Glory.

Papa loves you I do I do.

The Outlook Looks Bleak But I Say Whom Do You Seek Is There Anything Too Hard For Me?

Given to Wendi Lee 22Jan21 by King Yeshua

Do you watch television My Children? Do you notice the evil that rears its ugly head how I said to be careful what you take in for it may lead to sin? Have you noticed Children your children being taught ungodly things? Yes this is the time that I King Yeshua spoke in My Word. Do you know My Children that you can be girded up by Me?

The outlook looks bleak but I say whom do you seek is there anything to hard for Me? Do you see My Children, do you understand? I AM Yeshua has My Perfect Plan. This will come to pass My Children My Children. I AM Yeshua and I hear your pleas but I ask you My Children do you ask with thanksgiving unto Me?

I tell you My Children, the way you live here determines the tier of where you will live in My Heavenlies. Yes indeed yes indeed. Does not My Word say My Children that you will reap what you sow? This will be how it goes. My Beautiful Children some of you have listened and I AM Yeshua says you will not be for I AM will have taken you up with Me. See I have a beautiful plan for My Faithful and tenacious and “all about Me” ones. We are going to have so much fun. There is a battle that I AM Yeshua has already won. Embarassed was My Enemy, he saw Me rise, he knew his demise.

My Children I AM Yeshua holds you ever so tightly 24/7 and I don’t take this lightly. I AM always at work behind your scenes. So what do you glean and what do you understand about this Man who loves you oh yes I do? I AM the King Of Glory coming with healing in My Wings, let the world worry over their things for you have inherited my bling.

Love with all of Me King Yeshua The King Of Glory.

Do Not Try To Understand My Ways Or My Thoughts

Given to Wendi Lee by Papa God Yahweh 30Aug 2018

Papa says write for your Papa God Yahweh My Beautiful Daughter Wendi Lee. My Saints whom Papa adores for you are precious in my sight. Father says to realize and truly open up your spiritual eyes for what I am about to do on this earth.

My People have forgotten My Ways and go their own way to destruction. It is written there is a way that seems good to a man but leads to destruction. Which way are you headed, your own self destructive way or God Jehovah Elohim Adonai’s Perfect Way? Take a good long and hard look at how you are living. Do you give in unto the lusts of the flesh? Do you hate thy brother? Do you look up to idols instead of My Son Yeshua? Papa says repent, repent, repent.

Do you have adulterous thoughts, covet thy neighbor’s things, spread gossip? Papa says repent. Do you capture your sinful thoughts and give them to My Son Yeshua for disposal? How do you expect to not have any stains or wrinkles on your garment if your mind is filled with these sinful imaginations? Children, give them to My Son, He will cleanse you if you let Him.

Papa will tell you that none of My Saints will come home with any stains or wrinkles for I will scourge you clean (unwillingly) before hand. Before you gasp and say I don’t believe this is from God, Father says to read My Word prayerfully with My Holy Spirit. Many many of you want to quickly lay blame on My Messengers. Father God Yahweh says, do not let it be so. Touch not My Anointed and do My Prophets no harm.

My Messenger and Prophetess has been trained up directly by My Son Yeshua. He directs her way by allowing her to see Him daily leading her and He allows her to hear Him continually throughout the day. Why is this so you ask? She is at My Son’s Feet all the day long. My Daughter Wendi Lee thinks of no one else but My Son Yeshua as number one in her life and in all her ways. She prays daily to stay lowly and humbled in My Sight. She rejoices and makes melody in her heart to My Son Yeshua and loves My Son Yeshua more than life itself. However, My Daughter has also had a life that many of you could not bear, because when much is given much is to be expected.

Do not try to understand My Ways or My Thoughts this is the life of a prophetess or prophet of Mine: extremely supernaturally involved with Me. You may take all of Father’s Messages and ask Me to confirm they are truly from Me Papa of Glory, Grace, Mercy, and Truth and Papa will. God Jehovah still has His True Prophets called and ordained by God alone. I change not. Papa Daddy Abba loves. All need to expect the unexpected.

I Will Not Honor The Coup

Given to Wendi Lee by Papa God Yahweh 21Jan21

Write My Beautiful Scribe to My Children who I love and adore. Do not be in shock for God will not be mocked. I AM Yahweh will control all of the stocks. You will think there is no hope but I AM created this slippery slope, let no man gloat.

I tell you My Children be prepared and do not run scared. Papa God Yahweh is here and I AM not going anywhere. The devil’s lair I will tear and the wicked can never compare me the Great I AM. They will stare in their unbelief with much grief. My Son Yeshua comes as a thief, it will be brief.

My Beloveds will change My Latter Rain, things will never be the same, so God Yahweh says do not dread for I AM your stead. It will be grand when You My Little Doves stand in front of the Son Of Man. Let this sink in My Chosen for you will not be broken, for you fly as a feather and be together. Finally you will know and it will snow for My First Fruits will take to the plow and they will say wow.

You can’t imagine how I AM will deal with the dragon. He is marked for doom and will stay forever locked up in My Room of Gloom.

My Children Papa God Yahweh has been creating your story for My Glory. Nothing is in vain as you have endured the pain. Never were you on your own as you have grown, for My Son Yeshua heard your every moan. He was there ,He was there, He goes nowhere.

Papa God Yahweh says rejoice, here’s My Voice, you have made your choice and oh how happy Your God Jehovah is, I AM in complete bliss. Father blows all of you My Beloveds a sweet kiss. Your grandest day comes when the world yawns at My Son Yeshua’s Ones who walk this earth just for Him.

Papa God I AM Yahweh loves you so don’t be blue I will not honor the coup. They will try to sue but their affairs will be in the air and they will be in complete despair. I will be there with My Hand Of Judgment, they will care. The snake slithers and thinks he is untouchable, he thinks My Children as gullable. I AM will correct his thinking. He will be left sinking and his stench will be stinking. God Yahweh is in control. It will be so, do not fret for I do not bet as the wicked have set their souls to death.

I AM tucks you under My Wings, don’t you see My Children?. Please listen I AM speaks in My Love for all. My Son Yeshua comes and who can stop Him. Make the way straight has arrived. I AM loves You so much. This is My Story and I AM Your Glory. I say no more today My Son does not delay.

Love The Light Of The Universe I AM

Joe Biden’s Actions Will Not Remain

Given to Wendi Lee by King Yeshua 21Jan21

Tell My Children that I AM honored that they are sacrificing for me. Tell My Children I AM with them I AM right here. I AM near. Though you go through aches and pains I AM right there with you in the downpouring rain.

Joe Biden’s actions will not remain for I AM will remove the stain and there will be no refrain, do not worry I remain.

You are My Church there will be a lurch before the birth, I remain. I AM Yeshua knows and sees all. Nothing is hidden. I will reveal, I will pull back the banana peel, this will be the real deal, I remain.

I AM Had My Plan From The Beginning

Message from Papa God Yahweh given to Wendi Lee 20Jan21

My Beautiful Daughter of Mine who flies like a butterfly in My Son Yeshua. Write Papa God Yahweh’s Words. Children My Elite Bride I AM knows that you were expecting Your God Jehovah Yahweh to perform My Miracles today. Do not try to understand, just trust Papa’s Timing. I AM had My Plan from the beginning of time and all that I AM has proclaimed will come to pass.

Stay in My Glorious Son’s Hands, He will keep you shaded and nourished. Papa God announces this ministry will be going on a different journey now in Father God Yahweh’s Phase 4. Many changes will be coming in this ministry and in Wendi Lee’s personal life. My Daughter will perform her proclamation with dutiful diligence announcing it to My Children in My Son Yeshua and to the lost. Wendi Lee has been given a change of shoes to boots and a heavy mantle. She has been show many times confirming this by dreams and visions. Papa God Yahweh will always supply needs when I AM gives the call.

This new phase will be a mighty wind of revelation and teaching amongst other duties I will give My Servant. Do not lose hope. I AM Jehovah Yahweh is still on My Throne. I AM the Omniscient One who confounds the wise with the simple. I AM with you I AM Your Shield and Buckler.

What will these three and a half years hold? Papa says live your life by My Son Yeshua every day. God is The Revelator for I AM knows all things. Stay in My Holy Word for it feeds your spirit and soul.

Papa God Yahweh says My Elite will be shining with My Glory upon them very soon in this season of great revival. My Son Yeshua comes and who can stop Him. Make straight the path for it is here. Papa God Yahweh yearns to hold you all very soon in My Heavenlies. Papa loves and Papa remembers My Promises.

Do Not Treat Anyone With Harsh Words

Message from King Yeshua given to Wendi Lee 20Jan21

To All of My Children who follow Me and to all of My Lukewarm and to My Lost, I love you. You are all created completely different from one another, therefore do not treat anyone with harsh words for your words can crush My Little Souls. I AM mends hearts that have been torn by ugly words. King Yeshua says to love Your God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength, and King Yeshua says to love your brothers and sisters as yourself. Hearts are at stake in this My Great And Final Harvest. Hearts that I have been given access to can flee from Me because they are broken and they think they are irrepairable so they hide from Me. Words can crush bones and hearts. God Yeshua tells all of you be kind and help one another for in this you show them My Kindness. I AM will lead you from birth to hoary head if you allow Me, I will.

If your have not come to Me contritely My Hand is extended out to You My Creation. King Yeshua loves You and I long to shephard You and talk with You and have strolls with You. I AM does not create junk. I AM creates masterpieces. Please say yes to King Yeshua Ha Maschiach for I AM calling your name now. It is so very late My Child come home.