Hop On Board All You Weary

given to Wendi Lee 6 Sept 21 1430 EST

My Dear Children this is your Holy And Glorious Father Everlasting Yahweh God speaking.  It has taken the enemy a long while to get to this point here in America. I AM has seen the devil and his demons planning and pacing and salivating over taking My Christ-Centered America.

Papa says to you devil, this is not the time, but My Son Yeshua’s Time and you will tow  My Perfect And Mighty Line. Your wretched demons sneer at My Faithful and Father allows you to continue your foolishness, but you are now being stomped on by My Son Yeshua’s Victorious Army. You have tried to stifle My Own’s Voice, but Father God Yahweh says  My Word prevails. There will be no hindrance of My Glory coming forward across this land.

I will put back My Chosen Leader, this is where I put a stop to your going forward as I place My Hand back on America the Free.  Devil you have been served an injunction, you will no longer have your free function. You thought you could accomplish your wicked plans, but I AM holds back your bands. My Faithful are fighting in My Son Yeshua’s Army and they shall stand.

Hop on board all you weary, this train is on time. I control and I AM at the wheel. My Faithful, take notice of how sly the foxes are. They hide in their holes, until they think they can score. Yes My Faithful are on their knees; that is the battlefield. Stay on your knees My Beautiful Prayer Warriors. Foot soldiers stand your ground, you have such a cloud of witnesses and a holy host of angels surrounding you too. Prayer warriors; continue to pray for My Foot Soldiers. Father will make free those who want to be, nation after nation will heed My Son Yeshua’s Clarion Call. The devil’s people will show their teeth, but Father God will punish them as thieves. This theft has been halted. I AM so very proud of My Son’s People. Father says there will be no more lukewarm, you have been shorn. I have sharpened your eyesight and have undulled your hearing. My Son has heard His Sheep’s bleating. Stay on your guard for this will still be hard, but Father says, do not dread for I have already bruised the enemy’s head. Father loves My Son Yeshua’s Army, for if you have accepted My Saving Son King Yeshua, then you have been enlisted.

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