I Will Send Your Rightful President Back

4 Feb 21 Given to Wendi Lee after completion of 21 day fast.

To My Little Children Papa God Yahweh has blessed this fast. Now it is time to leave your past and move forward in My Son Yeshua. He takes each one of you by the hand and leads you to My Promised Land. Land mines and explosions you have seen but Papa says that is what has been. You see My Little Ones, precious are you in My Sight and you are not a child of the night. Remember how Papa said persecution is coming to prepare and beware.

There will be a sting but You My Little Children have the King with all the bling. God Jehovah will take care of you, do not worry. My Son Yeshua is with you and this tightening of your freedoms will strengthen you too.

I will send your rightful president back where I AM ordained him to be and then My Children you will see My Perfect Plan with harmony. My Children you feel as this is very painful but I AM says to trust Me Papa God Yahweh for I hold the enemy back and he will find no more tracks to My Litte Ones. I hold the power and I AM Your Strong Tower.

It is becoming more clear to each of you that there is a stench in the government and this will be to the wicked’s detriment, But Papa says I AM The God Who Saves and I do make ways to bring My Children back to Me. This Papa says is why I allow all of the charade and deception. I love them and I desire for them to allow Me to take them to heaven. Some will return My Call but the ones who don’t will have a great fall.

This is the season of My Great Harvest and it will be the hardest for My Children to understand that The Son of Man has come to seek and save those that are lost.

My Glory will come upon My Little Ones as a thief, it will happen so fast then you shall be different and all will be in the past. Different levels and so many plans and adventures will I send you on. You will be strong, afterwards won’t be long.

I AM God Yahweh and I AM says watch the illegitimate prez dig a hole so deep, it will be from the veep that will lead and attack My Sheep. Hold fast to My Truth My Son Yeshua, He knows you and He will hold you and He will never let you go.

Knowledge and wisdom, pray for it with faith. My Son Yeshua is The King Of Glory and I AM Yahweh says to make the way straight for He comes on His Horse with all recourse and who will stop Him.

Father God Yahweh says to look up and be excited, this is the time coming to be united with My Son Yeshua Ha Maschiach. Yes you little ones you will be in it My Son’s Rapture will capture My Faithful and in the sky they shall fly. Papa loves all of My Little Doves.

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