Many Are Losing Hope As My Mysteries Unfold

Word from Papa Yahweh given to Wendi Lee 22Jan21

Write My Beautiful High Priestess Papa God Yahweh’s Words. Papa says it is not time to go to bed for as you stand you make the enemy dread. Many generations wished they had been in this one Oh My Children I AM not done for Father Of Glory will tell My Story for all to know and see. See Me I AM He and My Faithful shout for glee. I love You and I will tell You anew, I created you too, yes even you who hide from Yeshua. Your face won’t be blue when He gets a hold of you.

Many are losing hope as My Mysteries unfold, that I AM has told My Chosen. You are My Rose worth more than a dozen. I tenderly cultivate your leaves of hope and I give you My Soap to wash off of you the dirt and debris. Ah now you see its Me The Great I AM. I see your countenance and frowered it is, but Father God Yahweh says to look up and keep drinking from My Son Yeshua’s Cup. For this cup brings life where there is no strife.

Put your complete trust in Him, My Only Begotten Son, He is the One. Now tell me My Children will you follow My Way or suffer with the dread for if you reject My Son your battle will never be won. Father is narrowing the time, My Son Yeshua says will you be mine? He will lead you with His Right Hand and will call you friend. He loves to hear you call His Name and you will not worry about fame. Come on and lets go and watch this show.

I AM has meticulously directed this play and all of My Soldiers are at bay. They will march into My Son’s Arms, you will witness His Charm, for He will be the delight of His Warrior Brides. The enemy will not be able to hide for My Faithful Ones will be turning the tide. Stand My Children as My Son Yeshua has taught you. The cave you have hid in you have outgrown it. Rejoice and praise My Son Yeshua Ha Maschiach. He is also known as Jesus Christ My Anointed King who has all the bling.

My Son Yeshua comes and He will rescue the sum who have laid down their lives for Him. Yes they are the ones who said yes to My Son and they have run with great stealth. Now they will be brought to excellent and eternal health. Though the enemy tries, these My First Fruits shall never die. They will sing a new song and bring the rest of My Children home.

Papa says I got this My Children, keep pleasing Me with obedience and reverence. Do not fear my dear my dear. Papa God Yahweh sends My Son so soon now and who can stop Me? Make straight My Son Yeshua’s path The King Of Glory.

Papa loves you I do I do.

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