I AM Will Put Trump Back In The Presidential Seat


3 Visions.. word King Yeshua and Papa Yahweh given to Wendi Lee

She wrote.. I saw a horrific and terrifying to my soul vision, I prayed and begged King Yeshua to help me take it away.

So I saw a certain politician bowing down to satan with him saying that person in front of him will worship him. Then I saw Obama (well I will mention his name) in front of a room doing the same and many politicians were behind him also doing the same. Then I saw Obama handing out money to each politician. Each pile of the money had blood all over it.

That was the end if the vision it was horrific the most evil thing and I never want to see it again

I had a vision before the horrific one but I woke up and could not remember anything about it and so the Lord gave it back to me.

Beautiful vision so much more wonderful. Before I had a lovely vision of Trump and Melania they were in the Presidents Office, they were bowing down in prayer to King Yeshua Lord Jesus Christ. They were on the carpet bowing down in front of the president’s desk. I saw them both as they prayed and from what I saw in the vision, it was that they prayed over every inch of that room. Then I saw Trump was sitting down behind the president’s desk and Melania was right beside him.

In this vision I saw Biden sitting behind the president’s desk but he was all tied up, his hands were all bound and there was a cover over his mouth. He couldn’t move. Obama was directly behind him standing up. Then there was paperwork in front of Biden on his desk and Obama was signing the paperwork for Biden.

I had a vision before the horrific one but I woke up and could not remember anything about it and so the Lord gave it back to me.

Then King Yeshua says..My Servant Wendi Lee has been shown who was running the illegitimate presidency for satan thinks he is in charge but I AM Yeshua will allow this only for a short time for the presidency is Mine to appoint.

I AM Yeshua anoints My Chosen not another. This presidency will not be so, you have witnessed the dough being handed out by the man of perdition blood soaked with My Infant Little Ones bleating. I will expose all of the rampant cheating, satan has been given just enough rope since he has resisted My Soap and his minions wll fall. The empire that he built was not built upon me The Great I AM. There will be a crack, small at first and then a great dearth and all will witness their shame, they will have no one to blame. Back to the drain there will be no one that complains. My Judgment has been set upon their heads, their expression will be dread, dread, dread. How dare they defy the God of Israel my people say and the wicked will pay.

Papa Yahweh

Write My Beautiful Scribe write. Tensions in the country are almost unbearable, Father says to you the enemy will scramble. My faithful are cringing at what they hear, I AM hears them in My Ear.

The setup is nearly complete I AM will put Trump back in the presidential seat. Patience in Me is key. Papa God Yahweh I AM is angry at the wicked for My Children were tricked. Some of My Little Ones are caught up in their pride, therefore they have been blindsided, not willing to look into and study My Book. Father has been saying the time was coming to study, study, study, but barely a few of you heard. They must understand this is a deception and they succeeded to help ban My Elected.

Some say it is good that Trumps’ gone, their eyes and ears are closed and now comes the pose, for they will be soaked with My Children’s Blood. They will kill My Babies out of the womb all the while digging their own tomb. The veil will be lifted and My Children will awake, and they will see how the enemy was out for the take, for they want earthly riches and pomp and I AM will drain the swamp.
They will geer and sneer and gnash their teeth as they will be ousted and put in the heat.

Father says no it is not time for obama and his puppets. I AM controls the capitol and I AM control the politics and I AM controls the enemies thoughts. I AM Yeshua will thwart the wicked’s plans as they have attacked the man that God Almighty anointed. Trump is the appointed. He will bring My Country back to Me, he will do this prayerfully. With Melania at his side they will turn people’s hearts towards Me as they bring back My Walls and liberty.

A little longer My Children, patience, patience is a great quality. Your Father of America And All The Nations, My Army will man their battle stations. My Son Of Man comes and who can stand. Make way the path straight and who can stop Him. Papa Daddy Abba speaks these words to My Servant and Scribe Wendi Lee. Papa loves you and I will bring to justice those who were in the coup.

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