Joe Biden Is Being Allowed To “Bide” His Time

Visions and Words Given to Wendi Lee on Day 9 of Fast 23Jan21

King Yeshua

O America, how I weep over you. You are Mine, My Remnant will shine it will be so divine saith King Yeshua.

then open vision with words someone talking on megaphone,,did you hear did you hear Biden ousted.. National Emergency.. this is the first time a President has been removed for treason..

Then King Yeshua said “Joe Biden is being allowed to “bide” his time but soon Biden will be a bye word. He will have never been your rightful leader, he was not in My Docket and he will sneer. There will be great upheaval but I AM Yeshua says you will not steal My America for that time is further and will not be usurped by the devil.

Now is My Glorious Remnants Time. Ring the bells and rejoice My Little Doves for King Yeshua says it is the reason of the season to have treason discovered. It will no longer be covered. Rejoice, Rejoice, and again I say rejoice. Your King Yeshua reigns over America and I have made My Choice.

Then a second vision and there were sirens like star trek used to have or a submarine. A speaker through a megaphone, Get into your houses America, Get into your houses America for this is My Battle and I have won the war. I will do more than even the score. This coup will be no more, I AM Yeshua have declared it “undone”and the enemy will be stunned.

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