2 Interactive Visions July & August 2021 Given to Wendi Lee

Dr Patricia had a word recently but before that Wendi Lee had two interactive visions in july and august which I have tried to transcribe… Interactive Dream Given28July21 to Wendi Lee

I don’t remember much about this dream but I was with someone and I was reading a message from Papa God Yahweh to an older black gentleman. It was addressed directly to him. He acted as though he was listening intently with sincerity. God had written his name at the top. His name was Murray, I looked up the meaning of murray and found the meaning of murray and found several meanings, but the one that stood out to me as I prayed about what murray meant, the one that stood out to me was the definition of land by the sea.

So that is the backdrop per se to this message that I’ve gotten and since I had that dream, i’ve heard King Yeshua tell me that He’s going to give me a message to the land by the sea. I’ver heard that if not every day almost every day until today and this is what He’s given me this message for today is the message to the land by the sea.

So as I said before this is going to be a template that Papa doesn’t, I don’t think He’s ever used it with me before, so while He was giving me the message He would speak and then I would see. He would speak and I would see.

So here is His message I received it today August 6, 2021 at 11:04 am. So here we go.

Daughter yes Papa write Papa Daddy Abba’s Words. Please be with me Holy Spirit, be my fingers and hand. Now God has combined Him speaking and my responses. So He calls me daughter and I’m writing this down and I can hear it, daughter and I say yes Papa and Papa says write Papa Daddy Abba’s Words and so I respond please be with me Holy Spirit be my fingers and hand. But that’s not all I did because I always pray about these messages. So I said more than that but that He wanted me to write that part please be with me Holy Spirit be my fingers and hand. In other words when I’m holding the pen Holy Spirit direct my actions
while I’m holding this pen.

Focus daughter what do you see? I see a land by the sea and the waves gently forming their tunnels coming towards land. Now I am not writing this out of my own mind. What I see is what the Lord’s telling me that I’m seeing because He’s showing me as He’s telling me what to write its coming across this vision. I can’t hardly explain it.

Again daughter what do you see?, in other words let me back up. In other words when He says focus daughter what do you see ? He had me write I see a land by the sea and the waves gently forming and while He had me write this I got to about the word sea, I see a land by the sea and then the vision started coming into focus, I didn’t see anything before that. I did not know what this message was going to be about. I didn’t see any vision before this message which if Papa usually gives me when He gives me a vision and He mentions it in the message, the vision is before the message. Now I have to retreat on that because He did give me a series of visions but it wasn’t in this form. It wasn’t in this form, so this is unique to me but I’m trying to explain this as it’s kind of hard to follow so i’m trying to explain this the best I can.

So we move to the next paragraph, again daughter what do you see? and this time I see while He’s saying this again. I see troops American troops they are storming the beach as they are getting out of their boats. They have their weapons in hand and they are headed to the Statue of Liberty. I hear them shouting as they sling ropes around the symbol of America’s freedom. They have huge ladders and are climbing up and in their rage they are twisting the head off, it falls and shatters onto the ground. I see her face and she still is able to speak. She says crying I didn’t know, then there is a group running up from the west and from every direction. These are the people of America who put their trust in Jesus Christ. I now see demons in the sky just above the soldiers.

Daughter it will look like America has been taken down in defeat but I AM says devil you will not have My America, she belongs to Me The Great I AM. I have punished her for her many sins and abominations, she has repented and cries unto Me Her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Master Of The Universe and King Of All Nations. She is the world’s light and I will not allow her light to grow dim.

Daughter tell My Children..King Yeshua whispers in my ear. This is what He’s having me write and after He says daughter tell My Children ,I see King Yeshua whispering in my ear. Now I have to mention that He has given me many many many dreams of Him whispering in my ear so this is what He’s doing is whispering in my ear. I love them and I will lift up My Fighting Children and they will never cower. This will be My Great Awakening on My Earth never before seen. It’s going to be a glorious occasion for My Faithful. I will set the captive America free and her flag will fly for Me once again.

Daughter what do you see? I see Donald Trump weary and crying. He has led many thousands to the reflecting pool at the White House and is lamenting for America. Crying and weeping and I can hear the people wailing and putting on ashes and sackcloth. Oh Lord we have sinned against You alone. Please save our country, we lift you Lord Jesus. Your Name shall never be profaned again. We get it, we get it, please forgive every one of us.

Daughter what do you see?, excuse me Daughter what do you now see? I see King Jesus riding on His Steed and He walks over to Trump and lifts his head up. King Jesus says.. It’s time to put you where you belong.

End of vision and message from Our Lord.

Daughter, yes Papa..Write My Holy Message to My People..Wendi Pray.. Beautiful Holy Spirit please be with me and hold me close and hold me tight to be able to hear Father’s Words…That’s an explanation of what I am reading here in this message. Wendi Lee what do you see? I see a huge red curtain being drawn open and it is slowly exposing the wicked and they are trying to cover up their nakedness that has been exposed. They are caught unawares. The wicked shall have My Recompense upon their head, one domino, two dominoes, three dominoes. I will have them in derision. My Fisher’s Net will catch the repentant and humbled.

Daughter what do you see? I see the wicked trying to pull the curtains back to the closed position but they cannot the curtain is being held open by King Yeshua. He continues to enlarge himself as the curtains expose more and more. Wendi talking.. Now in this vision of King Yeshua holding up the curtain holding back the curtain from closing, He’s actually sitting down His Legs are straight out and that’s how I see him holding back the curtain and He gets larger and larger and He’s going back as He’s going back into a laying position He is keeping the curtain open and he keeps enlaring Himself to expose more and more of that curtain hallelujah and Glory to God. My Light shines upon the evil doings of the guilty. I AM Yeshua will overturn, overturn, overturn all outcomes that have not honored Me The Great I AM.

Daughter what do you see in front of your eyes? I’m back at an earlier vision whereupon the Statue of Liberty was brutally attacked and there are many people who are patching her head back together and I see her smile. Now the people are carrying back her head by propping up ladders and I can see and know by the Holy Spirit there are people representing all 50 states and they put her head back on her body.

Daughter what see you now? I see a great light shining across America and I see school children in the classroom learning about Lord Jesus. I see abortion clinics being torn down and churches put up in its place. I see husbands and wives with their children going to church. I see free speech and the doors shut upon the censorers, the ones who are trying to censor free speech. So let me repeat that, I see free speech and the doors shut upon the censurers. I see Donald Trump being carried by the American people from the reflecting pool to the White House. I see the voting machines that say Dominion kicked out of every house and is put out as garbage on the curb. I see all of America bowing down to Jesus Christ and satan is being held back for a season by Jesus. I see Jesus has a sign in His Hand and it says quote Not the End close quote. Daughter, I AM God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I AM uprooting and re-building. OId buildings will be torn down and satan’s claws will be held back. This is your time to shine for Your King. You are ready you have been trained. This is My Harvest will you be My Laborers? There is much fruit to catch. I have your gloves ready. When you are weak that’s when My Strength invigorates you. I will give you a mouth to speak that will stop the enemy in his tracks. Are you willing to lose all to gain more for My Kingdom. This is me King Jesus asking you My Child are you going to follow Me in this your battles? I AM your battle cry. I want you to march forth my ready for battle soldier for I AM Yeshua has enlisted you and King Yeshua says “Charge”. I AM Your Everlasting Commander-in-Chief. I love obedience in My People. Do not be afraid I have you in all your ways. God Loves

Message Received August 22, 2021 12:50 pm EST

Daughter Wendi Lee, write Papa God Yahweh’s Eloquent but Serious Words. Is this the dawning of My New Age? Papa says you are at the edge before plunging into My Glorious Displays. Father wants you to know this. My Son Yeshua is your hope for America and all nations. You are witnessing the teetering of humanity going from one extreme to another. You are witnessing My People stand for righteousness. It will be so that for much darkness you will see before the birth comes to be.

America you’ve been oblivious to the underlying evil and now Father has brought the evil into My Light. I have exposed it and it wants to cower in its sins. There is no more clear delineation for most of My Faithful Ones. They have compromised My Line, should I not show them what they have accepted. They have mixed the dung in with My Truth. I AM says there is only My Way My Truth therefore I will allow them to wallow in the mire and the dogs to go back to their vomit. Father is not pleased but yet My Mercy stands as My Children fight for My Son Yeshua to be brought back into America. You will see much resistance but you will also see a breaking down of the sin and corruption.

My Son Yeshua will send you signs and wonders to encourage you and to give you a measuring reed so your eyes can see what no one else is seeing. Revival, hallelujahs will be heard throughout the land. Even now the evil is shrinking back as Father continues to turn over each rock that has been embedded in this nation, My America. The stones are deeply buried and I AM will bring them to My Son’s Light and I AM will deal with each one through the prayers of Mine Own. Continue to break down the devil’s lair with your unceasing prayer. I see your tears over the other nations. Father will set the captives free. I AM The God Who Sees. Father will confound the enemy with My Simple. Trust Me The Great Jehovah Jireh, I will provide my saints with all proficiency and sufficiency to do My Good Works. The Great I AM has spoken.

August 22, 2021 around noon.

I will return Trump to his rightful place and he will have the riches and glory of the kingdom and I will make America great by blessing her and Trump will rule in me and America wiil live through Me and I will stay the wrath of the devil for a time. Then Wendi was led to Daniel 4 about Nebuchadnezzar where he is is humbled and eats grass until he says that God is God in all of His Power, Glory, and Magnificence.

Now Dr Patricia…https://youtu.be/q0GYigf0bxw,n

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