The Outlook Looks Bleak But I Say Whom Do You Seek Is There Anything Too Hard For Me?

Given to Wendi Lee 22Jan21 by King Yeshua

Do you watch television My Children? Do you notice the evil that rears its ugly head how I said to be careful what you take in for it may lead to sin? Have you noticed Children your children being taught ungodly things? Yes this is the time that I King Yeshua spoke in My Word. Do you know My Children that you can be girded up by Me?

The outlook looks bleak but I say whom do you seek is there anything to hard for Me? Do you see My Children, do you understand? I AM Yeshua has My Perfect Plan. This will come to pass My Children My Children. I AM Yeshua and I hear your pleas but I ask you My Children do you ask with thanksgiving unto Me?

I tell you My Children, the way you live here determines the tier of where you will live in My Heavenlies. Yes indeed yes indeed. Does not My Word say My Children that you will reap what you sow? This will be how it goes. My Beautiful Children some of you have listened and I AM Yeshua says you will not be for I AM will have taken you up with Me. See I have a beautiful plan for My Faithful and tenacious and “all about Me” ones. We are going to have so much fun. There is a battle that I AM Yeshua has already won. Embarassed was My Enemy, he saw Me rise, he knew his demise.

My Children I AM Yeshua holds you ever so tightly 24/7 and I don’t take this lightly. I AM always at work behind your scenes. So what do you glean and what do you understand about this Man who loves you oh yes I do? I AM the King Of Glory coming with healing in My Wings, let the world worry over their things for you have inherited my bling.

Love with all of Me King Yeshua The King Of Glory.

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