Joe Biden’s Actions Will Not Remain

Given to Wendi Lee by King Yeshua 21Jan21

Tell My Children that I AM honored that they are sacrificing for me. Tell My Children I AM with them I AM right here. I AM near. Though you go through aches and pains I AM right there with you in the downpouring rain.

Joe Biden’s actions will not remain for I AM will remove the stain and there will be no refrain, do not worry I remain.

You are My Church there will be a lurch before the birth, I remain. I AM Yeshua knows and sees all. Nothing is hidden. I will reveal, I will pull back the banana peel, this will be the real deal, I remain.

I AM Had My Plan From The Beginning

Message from Papa God Yahweh given to Wendi Lee 20Jan21

My Beautiful Daughter of Mine who flies like a butterfly in My Son Yeshua. Write Papa God Yahweh’s Words. Children My Elite Bride I AM knows that you were expecting Your God Jehovah Yahweh to perform My Miracles today. Do not try to understand, just trust Papa’s Timing. I AM had My Plan from the beginning of time and all that I AM has proclaimed will come to pass.

Stay in My Glorious Son’s Hands, He will keep you shaded and nourished. Papa God announces this ministry will be going on a different journey now in Father God Yahweh’s Phase 4. Many changes will be coming in this ministry and in Wendi Lee’s personal life. My Daughter will perform her proclamation with dutiful diligence announcing it to My Children in My Son Yeshua and to the lost. Wendi Lee has been given a change of shoes to boots and a heavy mantle. She has been show many times confirming this by dreams and visions. Papa God Yahweh will always supply needs when I AM gives the call.

This new phase will be a mighty wind of revelation and teaching amongst other duties I will give My Servant. Do not lose hope. I AM Jehovah Yahweh is still on My Throne. I AM the Omniscient One who confounds the wise with the simple. I AM with you I AM Your Shield and Buckler.

What will these three and a half years hold? Papa says live your life by My Son Yeshua every day. God is The Revelator for I AM knows all things. Stay in My Holy Word for it feeds your spirit and soul.

Papa God Yahweh says My Elite will be shining with My Glory upon them very soon in this season of great revival. My Son Yeshua comes and who can stop Him. Make straight the path for it is here. Papa God Yahweh yearns to hold you all very soon in My Heavenlies. Papa loves and Papa remembers My Promises.

Do Not Treat Anyone With Harsh Words

Message from King Yeshua given to Wendi Lee 20Jan21

To All of My Children who follow Me and to all of My Lukewarm and to My Lost, I love you. You are all created completely different from one another, therefore do not treat anyone with harsh words for your words can crush My Little Souls. I AM mends hearts that have been torn by ugly words. King Yeshua says to love Your God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength, and King Yeshua says to love your brothers and sisters as yourself. Hearts are at stake in this My Great And Final Harvest. Hearts that I have been given access to can flee from Me because they are broken and they think they are irrepairable so they hide from Me. Words can crush bones and hearts. God Yeshua tells all of you be kind and help one another for in this you show them My Kindness. I AM will lead you from birth to hoary head if you allow Me, I will.

If your have not come to Me contritely My Hand is extended out to You My Creation. King Yeshua loves You and I long to shephard You and talk with You and have strolls with You. I AM does not create junk. I AM creates masterpieces. Please say yes to King Yeshua Ha Maschiach for I AM calling your name now. It is so very late My Child come home.

God is Not Mocked Joe Biden, Barak ….

Given to Wendi Lee 19Jan21

Papa says write My Beloved Scribe. Hear My Words. God is Not Mocked Joe Biden, Barak Obama, and the rest of the wicked ones. God is ruler of all peoples, if only you would turn away from your sins I would tuck you in to My Son Yeshua’s Wings. Do you think that you can continue on with this false election? God saw you when you were in the dark shadows making deals. God Jehovah Yahweh will extract you Joe Biden and the one who works in the shadows pulling your strings.

I AM Yahweh and I AM will have My Judgment poured out upon this earth in My Time not the wicked ones. I AM Yahweh pulls you back satan. You will not take My America for My Remnant is here, therefore it is not the appointed time that I AM Jehovah Yahweh has given you for a short while. Satan I tell you what you can and can’t do as I did with My Servant Job’s Trials and Furnace of Affliction.

My Holy Angels will put you back where I AM Yeshua Ha Maschiach says. To My Remnant, this is not the time of the antichrist for I have decreed Barak Obama out of bounds and I AM Yahweh will control the time.

Discern Discern children who you listen to and study My Word. Listen to the One Who Saves not the one who lives in the grave.

God Yahweh loves My Remnant in all nations I AM Yahweh is with you. Father God Yahweh says you are in the final birth pains, then comes the miraculous birth. I AM The Great Amen and there is no darkness in Me. I AM Large and I AM in Charge. Take great heed lest you My Very Elect will be deceived. Be strong and have courage in My Son Yeshua, The King Of Glory.

My Servant Wendi Lee has now reached the final step. Papa God Yahweh’s Fiery Third Stage now ends. Phase Four The King Of Glory Comes now begins. Pray for My Servant during this 21 day fast, she is going to need much strength from My Son King Yeshua Ha Maschiach for this next journey in Papa God Yahweh’s Ministry. Papa God Yahweh loves how you worship and adore The Great I AM and I say to you, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Papa loves and I AM The Righteous Judge

There Is No Coup That Will Hold

Given to Wendi Lee 19Jan21

I AM The Door, I AM The Way , I AM The Key. This is what Jehovah Yeshua says: Choose Me The King Of Glory, I’ll tell you My Story for it is good for your soul and body you won’t need a toddy to understand Me. I have given to man My Way is the only way, pray you hear what I AM says.

Your prez will be marching back to Washington DC from sea to shining sea thats who Donald J. Trump will be. There is no coup that will hold for I AM Yeshua will scold.

Behold I come make way a straight path and who can stop Me. I AM the King of Glory and my dutiful servant and scribe Wendi Lee will shout this from the housetops. Her commission will amaze her and all of My Children. Follow Me now and you will not need to plow with furrowed brow. This is My Time, this is My Final Harvest.

Yeshua loves all of My Little Doves.

Biden Will Be Ousted

Word given 18Jan21 to Wendi Lee who at the invitation of Papa Yahweh started a 21 day fast for her and our group.

Papa says tell My Children I will honor their fast unto Me and My Son. Tell My Children that I AM with them, that Papa God Yahweh adores them and they will soon know who I AM personally in My Heavenlies. I AM the Maker of all creation, the sun, moon, and stars.

Papa God Yahweh will sustain you and quicken your spirit. I AM He that raised Jesus Yeshua My Son from the dead and I AM about to resurrect who I AM has chosen to lord over America . Biden will be ousted and as I gave a vision to Wendi Lee yesterday they will be unraveled, all of the foolish and wicked ones. I will have My Recompense. Pray for Father God Yahweh’s Will to be done on earth as it is in My Heavenlies.

Father God Yahweh rules and reigns over all peoples great and small no matter if they accept My Son Yeshua or not. I will have My Perfect Order. Yahweh speaks, all the love and peace I give to you My Children from your Papa The Great I AM.

During this time of fasting Wendi Lee has had 2 visions as late as 17Jan21

In one vision she saw a hand come down and pick up biden and the other hand come down and put down trump and then in another vision she saw several of the democrats but she did not say who and they were literally unraveling like a ball of yarn.

Trump-Pence Will Continue Blowing the Shofar Alarm..

Wendi Lee Received 30 Oct 2020 Please take this to Father Papa God Yahweh, by the power of the Holy Spirit, and in King Yeshua’s Mighty Name and ask Papa if this is directly from Him.

Daughter who lives in Babylonia, write Father God Yahweh’s Perfect Words my True and Faithful Scribe who loves My Son Yeshua Ha Mashiach with all her heart, mind, soul, and strength.

My enemy has been ramping up his attacks against you Wendi Lee to discourage you from minding My Messages, Papa God Yahweh’s messages to My Children, however you are ever so strong in My Son Yeshua and you leap over walls and run through troops in My Perfect Son Yeshua.

Papa says “Pause” pause MY People for you are allowing yourselves to run in front of My Son Yeshua. Papa says to stop and pray for My Son to lead. He is The King Of Kings. My Children are allowing every whim to turn them. Papa says “Put the breaks on”. Have I not given America a new justice who lives for My Son Yeshua? Has Father not said that Roe vs Wade Abomidable will be thwarted and overturned?

Why does My Children listen to unsound doctrine? Did not Father say I was hearing your prayers about overturning abortion? Trust God Yahweh, all is in My Hands. I created you to allow Me to teach you as you navigate through the waters with My Only Begotten Son Yeshua Jesus at your helm. Have you allowed Him to bridle you? Have you allowed Him to gently correct you?

My Son Yeshua loves you forever. Cannot you feel His Consuming Fires burning in your heart? Ask Him to cleanse you no matter the cost. Some of you have allowed My Son to have His Perfect Will and Way with you. You greatly praise and give Him Yeshua all the glory He deserves. You are an endless fountain of gratitude for Him, Yeshua being Lord of your life.

Listen to Papa Father The Great I AM Yahweh The One and Only True God. Rest in My Son Yeshua for He knows how tired you are. Spiritual attacks are allowed but hasn’t Papa shown you in My Word that you have the victory in My Son Yeshua Jesus? Pawpaw allows these to further strengthen you. The battle is growing more fierce, learn to let My Son fight for you. Lay it down My Child at His Perfect Feet. Yeshua will take it willingly and give you His Light Burden. Stay focused and centered only on Him. Do not listen to the talking heads and be deceived. Ask for discernent and wisdom from Your Father from above. Ask in faith My Children pray with thanksgiving always. Your faith can move mountains and faith pleases Me.

Trump- Pence will continue blowing the shofar alarm. Mercy My Children I AM has mercy over judgment. Follow follow follow My Beloved And Perfect Son Yeshua Ha Mashiach Jesus Christ. He loves all of you and earnestly waits for you to let go of your reins. Papa God Yahweh says pause My Children and allow Yeshua your King to take your reins. God the Living Trinity loves you ever so much.

That Mysterious Planet That Everyone Guesses About

I Wendi Lee received this Word from Father God Yahweh at 1:16 am on 21 January 2016:

My Beautiful Daughter of Mine, write My Pure and Perfect Words for all to hear, see, and experience hearing from their Father of the Universe:

My Perfect Children, through My Son. Listen to Me, My Faithful. Father has some things He is going to release. The time that you cannot imagine is here. It will be manifesting itself in the natural realm very soon. That mysterious planet that everyone guesses about, but no person knows My Plans. Get ready My Faithful, for that mysterious planet is about to make its appearance. Father told you that there will be some pieces of the puzzle that you will see this year; and see you will do. It is about to get very exciting My Chosen Bride of Yeshua. It is time to begin suiting up for battle. You have not much longer to go, My Beautiful Ones. Father has given many of My Children dreams and visions about the mysterious body in the skies. It is ominous, and it is filled with evil; for it contains many of the Fallen Angels within it. You will be shocked when you see them with your President. Remember My Children, there is nothing new under the sun. All of My Plans will go according to how I deem them to be. My Bride will destroy the Fallen Angels. My Son is almost complete with His Mission of training up His Bride. Do not fret, all will be prepared My Faithful. Even My Servant is wondering about this as she writes. I have been warning and warning about this time. The Fallen Angels have been around this earth before, My Faithful. I, God Jehovah Elohim AM going to allow some things, and I, God Jehovah Elohim will not allow other things. My countdown for Mercy to end has truly begun My Children. Did you not think this time coming up would come? It comes My Faithful, it comes. God is with His Saints, God is with His Saints! Father God Yahweh, God is with you, has spoken!

Obama Will Continue to Deny That The World Is Not In Chaos


Daughter write MY WORDS from PAPA YAHWEH: You will endure much and see much, MY Holy Saints. There will be much more bloodshed and killings. obama will continue to deny that the world is not in chaos, and will not suffer MY Saints to have a voice. Saints, it is extremely important to know who the antichrist is, this is a most important MESSAGE about what is to come. obama is already deceiving you, and you mock and scoff and think to yourselves that it is not going to be revealed about who he (the antichrist) is until the church is raptured. You greatly err in your thinking. Does it not say that there will be a falling away first then shall the son of perdition be revealed? GOD JEHOVAH’S WORD is HOLY AND TRUE, AND MY People perish for they do not invite MY HOLY SPIRIT to give them revelation of MY SCRIPTURES. I have said before that MY SON’S Church will see the rising of the lawless one, and that you are, even now. However, he is not allowed certain requests until MY RESTRAINER is taken out of the way. Then he shall be unleashed for a short time, together with the false prophet, who will lead MY People straight to MY Fiery Eternal Hell! Woe to those who fall for the pope being a holy person! who has no regard and no heart for MY SON YESHUA! DO NOT LISTEN TO EITHER ONE OF THE BEASTS, MY SAINTS!! FATHER GOD YAHWEH HAS SPOKEN THESE WORDS TO MY Scribe Wendi YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!    Given to Wendi Lee 29July16

I AM Serving You A Reminder Barack Hussein Obama

Given to Wendi Lee 28 Sept 16

This Message is from the GREAT I AM! Ruler over all peoples, nations, tongues, and I AM SOVEREIGN!  I AM Merciful and I AM Compassionate.  I AM sending My Scribe to compose this critical Message.  I AM serving you a reminder, Barack Hussein Obama; I AM has given you your boundaries.  You shall not step a toe past them.  You know WHO I AM!  I have complete and utter control over your father the devil, and I have complete and utter control over you.  Barack, do you think you can honestly contest with ME?  The ONE WHO created this very universe in and out of time existing?  Your fate, which is eternal, is set to MY SEAL, MY WORD, which is MY SON YESHUA, WHO loves you Barack, for you are God’s Very Creation.  But you are of satan, the father of lies and a murderer.  You know you will not be able to do as you please with MY CHILDREN!  Let FATHER OF ALL THINGS, beings, demons, entities, all things great, all things small, Creator of the evil and the good; I shall remind you, that I, GOD ETERNAL will thwart some of your underhanded and vicious plans towards those who belong to MY SON YESHUA! MY SAINTS will cling to MY SON, no matter what you may do to them!  MY SON defeated your lying and putrid father and all the army with him!  DO NOT FORGET THIS!!!  GOD, LIVING AND BREATHING; GIVER OF LIFE more abundantly could take your life forever, you are aware of this; before your appointed time in MY LAKE OF FIRE!  You won’t have very long to be unleashed, and I will keep you on a very short time constraint; for MY WORD says I will shorten the days for the sake of MY ELECT!  You shall break the backs of your constituents; yes, you shall, for you are MY FIERY JUDGMENT against a world who has forgotten WHO I AM!  But you and your father satan hath not forgotten, and you fear MY NAME JEHOVAH YAHWEH!  You shall not enjoy this time Barack; for you will feel MY GREAT DISPLEASURE AND JUDGMENT UPON YOU!  Your time of unraveling has begun!  It is allowed, for MY WRATH will not be quenched until all is fulfilled.  Remember Barack, MY SON YESHUA; for you cower at HIS VERY NAME!!! 

THE GREAT I AM has given you your boundaries!  I AM has spoken to you, son of perdition; the lawless one written of in MY WORD to wear out the Saints for just a little time!  You have been warned !