Persecution Is Coming To This Nation Of Babylon

Given to Wendi Lee 2 Mar 19 By King Yeshua

 My dearest daughter Wendi Lee, hear My Words and write what God Yeshua says to My Children. Gear up and ready yourselves to ride upon the troubled winds on My Earth. You can see as the evil is encircling all that is good and calling it evil. Was not this written?  Children, I AM  in control and I hear all of your prayers for the lost ones in your families and for My Babies who are being murdered by the laws of men.
God Jehovah has warned about the love of many waxing cold. Well, I ask you, can you see that sin is so very rampant on My Earth? If I AM doesn’t intervene, man will sin himself into oblivion. Is this not the days of Noah?Men are reprobate and God will give them over as they do not want Me to save themselves.
I still work in those who are mine and do not think I have forgotten about any of you for I will never forget who are Mine.I have a special place for just You in My Heavenlies. Yes I do.
This life is full of testings and trials. but My Children, they are strengthening you for what is to come. I tell you, they will soon be outlawing Me everywhere and they will come for My Own.
I AM your hiding place. Is there anything too difficult for Your King? Though your flesh may be touched, it will not harm you. For you are strong in Me.Understand? This is what My Early Church leaned upon, Me, for they knew I was the Only One who loved them so much that I died for each of them. And oh how they loved Me and how they didn’t love their fleshly lives to the death. For once I take your spirit home, you are with Me in My Heavenlies forever.
Have faith My Saints. They will take you into mock courts and will bear false witness against you. Have I not said this in My Word? Yet many of you think that My Bride will not suffer. Where is that in My Holy Word, My Children?
Persecution is coming to this nation of Babylon. Persecution is coming very quickly. Be ready. Stand strong. Pay attention to what My Holy Spirit is leading you to do, not one-size-fits-all, my saints. Understand? 
I have given many visions to Wendi Lee and other of My Messengers, many of persecution in this nation I AM has richly blessed and I say it will be no more. I have My Faithful still in this wicked country for My Light will shine through the wicked darkness. Nothing can put out your light if you live for Me.
If you have chosen not to give your all to Me, then you shall go through much tribulation, for I must refine you and prepare you to enter into the Kingdom of God. This is all for now. Be ready.Be vigilant for persecution is being opened up from the enemy. Trust me, My Beloved Saints,trust your Faithful and True King Yeshua HaMashiach. So much love.
King Yeshua, The Great I AM, Messiah Jesus

Israel Will Be Forever Standing My Children, America You Will Fall To Pieces.

Given to Wendi Lee by Father God Yahweh on 15 Oct 18

Write My Holy Daughter who lives in Babylon America but has come out of her. Father has just given Wendi Lee a vision of complete and utter destruction of you O whore Babylon. There shall be nothing remaining except where the owls roost on the broken branches.

When O Babylon America are you going to realize that your struggle is not against Me but against My Enemy the devil of all lies, the devil of all murders, the devil who is the deceiver of My Children. Father God Yahweh hears your yawns of this will never happen. God has been saying this forever and we haven’t seen it come to pass yet. What are you going to do when I plunge this country into complete chaos?

What will you O Church of Mine who pays Me no mind? This is when the breaking point begins and My Healing will begin in your spirits. This is when you will see Me in a way you have never realized or dreamt about. You will come back to My Son because deep down in your heart O My Church you love My Son Yeshua more than you shall ever know. But Papa must do My Shaking. It begins with the waking up of the hearts of My Church. You just can’t see in your hearts or minds that Papa God Yahweh has been speaking loudly through My Prophets and Prophetesses telling you that My Son Yeshua is coming soon, to be prepared for My Judgments, to be prepared for My Earthly Birth Pangs.

I tell you Papa says it is now. What you have seen across the globe is nothing yet. The birth pangs will have My Church wanting to let everything go and only cling to My Son. Some of you say that America is the apple of God’s eye. I Father God Jehovah Yahweh tells you that My Remnant in America is the Apple of My Eye.

Israel will be forever standing My Children. America you will fall to pieces. I have told you before through this prophetess that I Father God Yahweh will break the back of America. That is right around the corner. How much time do you think you have O Church to live on this earth as it is. Father God Jehovah reminds you of what My Holy and Inerrant Word Says, that the Lord will make a short work on this earth. Time, times are here. Wake up and smell the winds of adversity. I have shown My Daughter in a vision that she took a hammer and destroyed your whore image in America, the Statue of Liberty. Father God Yahweh tells you to find liberty in My Son He is the ONLY ONE WHO WILL SET YOU FREE O Captive Of Babylon America. Father warns and Father has spoken. I AM the Eternal Grace and Father of All.

Your Mohammed Screams In Pain

Given to Wendi Lee by Father God Yahweh on October 14, 2018

Daughter who lives in America Babylon but is nothing of it, write Papa God Yahweh Scathing and Searing Words directly from your Father God Yahweh’s Mouth to your ever listening ears.

The winds of adversity are here and they will blow upon you O Babylon America. You hold your putrid flag of pride in My Face in complete defiance of My Word. Thou shalt have no other gods before Me. Thou lovest the red, white, and blue more than thou lovest Me and My Son.

Father did not set this nation in its place for you to defy Me the One and Only True God, but I Father God Jehovah will defy all of your wicked thoughts and actions. You have displayed your wickedness and whoredoms for all to see. There is no shamefacedness among you goats of Babylon America. How dare you think that you can win against Me the All Powerful God Jehovah Yahweh. I’ll tell you you putrid sores in My Eyes, because you have fallen for the fallen one. The one who deceives you into believing that Mohammed is the prophet in Islam and that Allah is the god. I tell you this is the unholy religion that basks in the son of deception the father of lies.

Your Mohammed screams in pain, in agony in My Hell eternally and you O unholy religion of Islam will follow your
beloved wretched and naked prophet straight into the bowels of hell. There is no light, no fun, no friends, no comradery, no seventy virgins in My Hell, for I created it for the devil and his angels. You need the Light the Holy and True Light of the World, My Son Yeshua Ha Mashiach. I have been sending My Son to your sons and daughters O wicked religion of whoredom and they are seeing the One True God YAHWEH! My Son the Living Saviour Of The World. My Son the One Who holds the key to death, for if you come to My Son Yeshua you shall never die.

You are Mine God Yahweh’s creation the God that is Three Persons in One, the Holy and True Trinity, the God Jehovah who created you from dust and the God of Love. Because no matter if you believe in My Son Yeshua or not I God YAHWEH ELOHIM ADONAI loves you with an everlasting and peaceful and gentle and longsuffering love. I AM crumbling this whore religion piece by piece. You think you can take over My World; who AM I? I will pound your flesh into dust as you came.

It is at the most crucial time in history for you to listen to Me, but Father will harden some of your hearts so My Children can see how they completely need to depend upon Me for their very lives. They will see how what I , Father God Yahweh does is for their good; for My Plans are life for My Children not death and destruction, but you choose your own path. I will not obstruct your will, however, you shall remember every wicked deed as your flesh rots in My Hell for all eternity if you do not accept My Beautiful Son the Everlasting Son of God, the Holy One of Israel. You have much to think about O you who worship my enemy Islam, satan’s pit of destruction and unholiness. I AM bigger than your false and full of vanity religion of baal. God Jehovah YAHWEH ELOHIM has spoken.

Shame On You Goats In America

Given to Wendi Lee 6 October 18

Papa God Yaheveh Elohim Adonai says “Shame on you goats in America”. You are so very deceived by the one you serve so ignorantly and foolishly. You are in My Holy Word when I said they will call evil good and good evil. Vipers with poisonous tongues shame on you you goats who will stop at nothing to prevent Roe vs Wade from being overturned, but Papa told this servant while she was in Florida by My Hand that Kavanaugh would be confirmed.

Woe, woe, woe, the separation can be seen by My Son’s Children. It is vile and it is vicious. My Children, Papa will have His Will done in America Babylon. I pull the strings and I say when and where and how. I the Great I AM tell you that when abortion is illegal great persecution will come to you my beloved saints such as you have never seen. My Son Yeshua had My Daughter watch the senators spew their phony cares out to you America. They are the very ones that carry out the devil’s plans, sold out to greed and kill My Innocent Ones.

Woe to those who come against Me the Great I AM. My Wrath will overturn you O America in My Judgments, in My Wrath of destruction. You will burn and be cast into outer darkness forever. America was started by Me and America will have its end by Me. Did I not talk about you in My Book of Revelation O America Babylon? Are you not the nation that sent out your inhabitants full of sin and guile to corrupt My Nations? Do you not have all the riches O America Babylon? Yet My Son Yeshua will spew this wretched goat nation out of His Mouth.

To My Beloved Remnant in America, worry not for you have the victory in My Son. Obama is going to tear your country down piece by piece and goat by goat. Father will allow this My Remnant. Did not I protect My Remnant when Babylon invaded and took them over ? Trust My Son. This is your only choice if you desire to live eternally, my unsaved people. If you continue to reject My Son, Father at My Perfect Timing may give you over to a reprobate mind, however, all can overcome evil and sin by My Son no matter what state your spirit has been in.

Take a look and see where the goats have taken this country. It has Godless laws and O America you honor Me not, but I Father God Yahweh will have My Way and My Will be done. Prepare My Beautiful Ones for it must be that persecution comes to you O America. Then you will be aware of what time you are in. O sleepers, My Son Yeshua waits for you to come back to His Ways and His Heart.. Papa Daddy Abba has spoken and I have sealed this message. I AM the Great I AM. Prepare for persecution and destruction. Papa has warned. Be not afraid for My Son Yeshua will give you His Peace not the flimsy and fleeting peace of the world. Papa Yahweh Loves. Heed My Warnings.

Destruction, Death, And Suffering Why Does God Jehovah Allow This

Given to Wendi Lee Sept 26 2018

My Child Wendi Lee write My Holy & True Words coming directly from My Mouth to your ears. This is your Papa of All Creation, Your Adonai, Your Maker and Your Redeemer. I AM The Rock of Your Salvation.

Destruction, death and suffering, why does God Jehovah allow this to come upon His Children? Many many of you ask Me, though I do not have to give you an answer, Father will tell you. From time beginning God Jehovah Yaheveh knew you as My Word states, I have given each one who belongs to My Son and Me a measure of grace. I have always known what you will need, how much refinement and chastisement will be necessary for you, to make you fit to enter My Holy of Holies, for no uncleanness can enter.

Follow My Holy Word My Child, no spot or blemish on your garments. When My Son Yeshua gives you freely His Free Gift of Eternal Life, you will be with Him and I Father God forever, but this does not mean that you still don’t need to be cleaned up. This is a walk with My Son, of processes and time. Each season in your life is already planned out by Me. I already know what the enemy is going to petition for for each of you, and as I did with Job I do allow certain undesirable events to unfold in each one of your lives. All of My Children suffer commonly. I AM no respector of persons. If you do not live your life that’s pleasing to Me and by My Holy Word then I will scourge you, My Son and Daughter. This is out of My Great Love for you.

My Son Yeshua has forgiven you and He will cleanse you from all unrighteousness to bring you into My Heavenlies. There is nothing complicated, for you must enter into My Son’s Eternal Salvation as a child. This means you humble yourself completely unto My Son and walk in repentance.

Father must now take drastic measures to awaken My Children before they are deceived. I will tell you, if you belong to My Son Yeshua you will not take a mark of the beast. It is those who only act out and do ritualistic and religious acts; but they do not know My Son by heart. These are they that won’t have My Holy Spirit within them to keep them safe eternally. My Holy Spirit will never leave you or forsake you once you accept My Son Yeshua wholly and sincerely, but those who have not will have such a hard road if they choose My Son’s Narrow Way, but My Son will be right there with them.

Father has explained much in My Message today. Seek My Holy Word in prayer, My Children, and I will explain more of My Mysteries to you. Trust your God Jehovah Almighty Elohim. I AM with you. Father Loves.

If My Son Leads You To Move Then Move

Received by Wendi Lee 18 Aug 18

My Children young and old listen to what your Papa God Jehovah Yahweh has to say this day whispered in the ear of My Beloved Prophetess Wendi Lee. Tick Tock and I say Tick Tock, your mouths are about to drop. I know every plan and device of the enemy and remember My Beloved Children of Mine, he cannot receive any power except for what I give to him. Do not ask why Father would give power to the enemy for My Way’s are much much higher than man’s. Just know My Children that it is all woven in My Time Constraints of My Earth. You live by time controlling your lives but Father Yahweh has no time. I AM always in existence. My Ignorant and Disobedient Ones think they know it all that I AM just a myth, a legend, a fairytale. They will be shown who I AM either through My Son’s Precious Blood or through My Holy and Righteous Wrath.

My Daughter felt My Anger through an illustrated dream of Me and My Son Yeshua and she prays that no one feels My Hot and Thunderous Wrath. Children you have no idea what the lost will face, but Father says pray, pray, pray for them who have not embraced My Son Yeshua. Know this My Children that as you intercede for My Lost, your prayers are in My Perfect Will, for it is My Perfect and Sovereign Will that no one should perish. Father God Yaheveh hears your every prayer yes I do. Some of you will suffer persecution as My Apostles and Early Church did.

You are living out the days now as My Son lived. Many Pharisees and Sadducees and many heathen. Much chaos and unbelief in the One True God sending His Only Begotten Son into this evil world so He might save and call them His Son’s and Daughters. This sign was given last year since then since I did not send My Son many have decided that it is not the end of the end but Father tells you it is.

Prepare yourselves My Sons and Daughters. If My Son leads you to move than move. If My Son tells you to stock up then stock up on supplies. If My Son tells you to be still and know I AM God then listen. Now is not the time to not listen to that still small voice. Father says if you are meant to go to the safe havens, then God Yeshua will lead you. Father God Yaheveh says not every one will go to them, My Daughter for instance will be delivering needed supplies, equipment, groceries, and medical supplies as directed. Some of you will go to your deaths by dying for My Son Yeshua. Some will die in other circumstances. Some of you will be staying. Some will be plucked and redeemed as My Son’s Mighty Ones, His 144,000, His first fruits.

So many of My Children forget My Word. My Firstfruits, the ones who follow the Lamb whithersoever He goest. These are the elite army of My Son Yeshua Ha Mashiach. They will leap over great walls, gravity will have no effect upon them. They will fly as doves and have My Son’s Great and Mighty Power and Spirit of God upon them. How many people did I God Jehovah take up in a rapture so far My Children? I work in patterns, all will be just as I orchestrated through My Ruach Ha Kodesh and in My Son Yeshua. Do not be taken aback when you see My Word being fulfilled just as My Word says, but Father says it will never happen the way man thinks. Be ready in My Son to jump if He says jump. Father God Yahweh loves. I AM the God of all gods, there is none besides Me. I AM the forever faithful one who loves all of My Creation forever. I AM eternal and I AM the Rainbow of All Love.

It Will Not Be Seven Years Of Woe

Message from Papa Received 16 April 18 by Wendi Lee.

Child Wendi Lee, Father God Yahweh has My thoughts for you write and read to My Children. The time is now to repent for the Kingdom of My Son Yeshua Ha Mashiach is at hand. How close is it My Children ask? Father says not many years, no not many at all. My Word tells you that you are the generation that won’t pass away until all things are fulfilled. Do not forget that I AM The God of Time. I can and I will accelerate it for the sake of My Elect and those days will be cut short.

My Children think they have the years of the tribulation figured out, but Father says nay. It will not be the seven years of woes while My Saints are celebrating at the Lamb’s Supper, NO NO NO. My True Saints will be helping and fulfilling their last true calling in heaven and on earth. My Preachers and My Evangelists bring so many of My Lost to My Son, but so many have chosen to only listen to their own thoughts when it comes to My Son’s Prophecy.

O My Children Father cannot stress this truth to you enough. My Son Yeshua will not be sent by Me Father of All Glory until many things will be fulfilled. Read what My Son Yeshua’s Newborn Church suffered and took great delight in standing up for My Son’s Name Sake even to the point of being martyred. Think upon these things My Saints, do not have it in your hearts that you shall simply be lifted in the air when terrible things begin. My Son’s Bride, Wake Up to My Truth, this is the time to wake up and open, open, open, your spiritual ears and hear what My Holy Spirit is saying.

Continue praying for your family members. Continually be in prayer without ceasing. Be ready and willing to lose everything, even your very life. Father God Yahweh speaks, Is any of My Saints hearkening to My Words? Your Loving Papa.

How Did The Prophets Hear Me In The Old Testament

Message given to Wendi Lee 1Jun18

My Child write My Eternal and Heavenly Words directly through My Ruach Ha Kodesh and in My Son’s Perfect and Holy and Redeeming Blood. Father just told you how you hear from Me My Child. If there is anyone that My Son hears, it is through His Blood shed on the cross. if there is anyone who hears My Son clearly it is through My Son’s Precious Blood. All passes through His Selfless Sacrifice.

How did the prophets hear me in the Old Testament? Father says I make the rules. I have exalted My Precious Son’s Name above all names and no one can enter My Holy Presence unless they go through My Perfect Only Begotten Son, who is your Mediator My Creation. But most of My Creation chooses to not acknowledge or accept My Son Yeshua. Papa says woe to those who go their own way in this world. Your still necks will lead you straight to the bars of hell. No one crosses these bars who enter into My Eternal Wrath.

My Son speaks of hell eternal much in His Time here on earth. Most choose to ignore My Holy and True Word to their peril. If My Children only knew how Father has put them here as a testing time and after they accept My Son with all their hearts then eternal happiness, joy, contentment, and rest is in My Son Yeshua. But they stick their nose in the air and say don’t come near them. This God Jehovah despises. Oh if only they could comprehend what eternity they will have for not accepting My Son Yeshua. Many accept Him right before they close their eyes to sleep here on earth. Many, they have never lived for My Son Yeshua yet saved by His Perfect Sacrifice.

Store up your treasures where your heart is, it will either rot away or it will be in My Heavenlies awaiting your return. If you belong to My Son you are seated in heavenly places and have your citizenship in heaven. You shall be in My Presence daily singing your beautiful praises to your Jehovah God and rejoicing with others. It is late, it is late, it is late, pray for My Lost they will go through a hell on earth they could never comprehend for they will want to die but will not be able. My Remnant the final curtain call is about to ring out. Be ready to be changed into Father Yaheveh’s Glory. You have somewhat of an idea what you will be doing, most only know certain things and not the whole picture.

Guests will also be arrive to the wedding, go bid them to come saith Papa God Yahweh Elohim Adonai. Your Father of Eternal Glory And Unchanging Love has spoken.

My Child Write For Time Is No More

Given to Wendi Lee 15 June 18 by Father God Jehovah

My Child write for time is no more. Time is no more ! Children, Father says time to begin looking up and praising Me for what I have done in your life, for it is about to pass away before your very eyes. Do you understand My Child, those who mock and scoff and say that all things work in cycles here on earth, so there are volcanos and earthquakes occurring in diverse places, so there are wars and rumors of wars, so there are wildfires raging, so there is much flooding this has always been and it will die down just as it always has. Fools, Father says it is at a tipping point and My Mercy fades off of the children who refuse My Son, who say My Son Yeshua isn’t God. Fools, vipers with poison in your tongues and in your hearts, you allow the enemy of your very soul to take control of you instead of Your Maker who died for you.

Fools, for you say the cross, My Son’s Cross, The Power of God, is foolishness. You are faithless and powerless and loveless. Father God Yaheveh holds your breath in your lungs, in My Hands, but you say that you evolved into humans. You will regret all that’s in your wicked hearts, either by coming on your knees to full repentance to My Son Yeshua or by hell fire. It is your choice and it is to your detriment upon the latter.

But if you choose life in My Son, Yeshua, then you will be with Me. No, it will not be easy as you walk down My Son’s Path of Righteousness, but My Child, the joy you will receive after you draw your last breath! It is not the time for procrastination, it is the time for salvation in My Son’s Perfect Blood. Honor My Son Yeshua and He will be the Lord of Your Life and you will laugh with your Savior who intercedes for you to Me continually. But if you ignore Father’s Beckoning to you it will be the worst calamity that could ever befall a human being.

Do you wonder children why it has gotten so bad in these days? Sin everywhere, flagrantly being displayed. There will be no parades in hell. If you are living an ungodly lifestyle, men with men and women with women to which I God Jehovah created man to cleave to his wife, then you are committing an abomination unto Me. If you are worshipping the creature more than the creator then you are committing an abomination unto Me.

Stop, Father says, and fall upon your knees and repent. There was once an extremely wicked world in the days of Noah. Father asks, what did God do about it? Father God Jehovah has spoken My Searing Words. Take heed Repent ,Repent ,Repent. God Jehovah loves you all.

Saints It Is Extremely Important To Know Who The Antichrist Is

Given to Wendi Lee 29July16 by Father God Yahweh


Daughter write MY WORDS from PAPA YAHWEH: You will endure much and see much, MY Holy Saints. There will be much more bloodshed and killings. obama will continue to deny that the world is not in chaos, and will not suffer MY Saints to have a voice. Saints, it is extremely important to know who the antichrist is, this is a most important MESSAGE about what is to come. obama is already deceiving you, and you mock and scoff and think to yourselves that it is not going to be revealed about who he (the antichrist) is until the church is raptured. You greatly err in your thinking. Does it not say that there will be a falling away first then shall the son of perdition be revealed? GOD JEHOVAH’S WORD is HOLY AND TRUE, AND MY People perish for they do not invite MY HOLY SPIRIT to give them revelation of MY SCRIPTURES. I have said before that MY SON’S Church will see the rising of the lawless one, and that you are, even now. However, he is not allowed certain requests until MY RESTRAINER is taken out of the way. Then he shall be unleashed for a short time, together with the false prophet, who will lead MY People straight to MY Fiery Eternal Hell! Woe to those who fall for the pope being a holy person! who has no regard and no heart for MY SON YESHUA! DO NOT LISTEN TO EITHER ONE OF THE BEASTS, MY SAINTS!! FATHER GOD YAHWEH HAS SPOKEN THESE WORDS TO MY Scribe Wendi