I Will Not Honor The Coup

Given to Wendi Lee by Papa God Yahweh 21Jan21

Write My Beautiful Scribe to My Children who I love and adore. Do not be in shock for God will not be mocked. I AM Yahweh will control all of the stocks. You will think there is no hope but I AM created this slippery slope, let no man gloat.

I tell you My Children be prepared and do not run scared. Papa God Yahweh is here and I AM not going anywhere. The devil’s lair I will tear and the wicked can never compare me the Great I AM. They will stare in their unbelief with much grief. My Son Yeshua comes as a thief, it will be brief.

My Beloveds will change My Latter Rain, things will never be the same, so God Yahweh says do not dread for I AM your stead. It will be grand when You My Little Doves stand in front of the Son Of Man. Let this sink in My Chosen for you will not be broken, for you fly as a feather and be together. Finally you will know and it will snow for My First Fruits will take to the plow and they will say wow.

You can’t imagine how I AM will deal with the dragon. He is marked for doom and will stay forever locked up in My Room of Gloom.

My Children Papa God Yahweh has been creating your story for My Glory. Nothing is in vain as you have endured the pain. Never were you on your own as you have grown, for My Son Yeshua heard your every moan. He was there ,He was there, He goes nowhere.

Papa God Yahweh says rejoice, here’s My Voice, you have made your choice and oh how happy Your God Jehovah is, I AM in complete bliss. Father blows all of you My Beloveds a sweet kiss. Your grandest day comes when the world yawns at My Son Yeshua’s Ones who walk this earth just for Him.

Papa God I AM Yahweh loves you so don’t be blue I will not honor the coup. They will try to sue but their affairs will be in the air and they will be in complete despair. I will be there with My Hand Of Judgment, they will care. The snake slithers and thinks he is untouchable, he thinks My Children as gullable. I AM will correct his thinking. He will be left sinking and his stench will be stinking. God Yahweh is in control. It will be so, do not fret for I do not bet as the wicked have set their souls to death.

I AM tucks you under My Wings, don’t you see My Children?. Please listen I AM speaks in My Love for all. My Son Yeshua comes and who can stop Him. Make the way straight has arrived. I AM loves You so much. This is My Story and I AM Your Glory. I say no more today My Son does not delay.

Love The Light Of The Universe I AM

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