God is Not Mocked Joe Biden, Barak ….

Given to Wendi Lee 19Jan21

Papa says write My Beloved Scribe. Hear My Words. God is Not Mocked Joe Biden, Barak Obama, and the rest of the wicked ones. God is ruler of all peoples, if only you would turn away from your sins I would tuck you in to My Son Yeshua’s Wings. Do you think that you can continue on with this false election? God saw you when you were in the dark shadows making deals. God Jehovah Yahweh will extract you Joe Biden and the one who works in the shadows pulling your strings.

I AM Yahweh and I AM will have My Judgment poured out upon this earth in My Time not the wicked ones. I AM Yahweh pulls you back satan. You will not take My America for My Remnant is here, therefore it is not the appointed time that I AM Jehovah Yahweh has given you for a short while. Satan I tell you what you can and can’t do as I did with My Servant Job’s Trials and Furnace of Affliction.

My Holy Angels will put you back where I AM Yeshua Ha Maschiach says. To My Remnant, this is not the time of the antichrist for I have decreed Barak Obama out of bounds and I AM Yahweh will control the time.

Discern Discern children who you listen to and study My Word. Listen to the One Who Saves not the one who lives in the grave.

God Yahweh loves My Remnant in all nations I AM Yahweh is with you. Father God Yahweh says you are in the final birth pains, then comes the miraculous birth. I AM The Great Amen and there is no darkness in Me. I AM Large and I AM in Charge. Take great heed lest you My Very Elect will be deceived. Be strong and have courage in My Son Yeshua, The King Of Glory.

My Servant Wendi Lee has now reached the final step. Papa God Yahweh’s Fiery Third Stage now ends. Phase Four The King Of Glory Comes now begins. Pray for My Servant during this 21 day fast, she is going to need much strength from My Son King Yeshua Ha Maschiach for this next journey in Papa God Yahweh’s Ministry. Papa God Yahweh loves how you worship and adore The Great I AM and I say to you, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Papa loves and I AM The Righteous Judge

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