I AM Had My Plan From The Beginning

Message from Papa God Yahweh given to Wendi Lee 20Jan21

My Beautiful Daughter of Mine who flies like a butterfly in My Son Yeshua. Write Papa God Yahweh’s Words. Children My Elite Bride I AM knows that you were expecting Your God Jehovah Yahweh to perform My Miracles today. Do not try to understand, just trust Papa’s Timing. I AM had My Plan from the beginning of time and all that I AM has proclaimed will come to pass.

Stay in My Glorious Son’s Hands, He will keep you shaded and nourished. Papa God announces this ministry will be going on a different journey now in Father God Yahweh’s Phase 4. Many changes will be coming in this ministry and in Wendi Lee’s personal life. My Daughter will perform her proclamation with dutiful diligence announcing it to My Children in My Son Yeshua and to the lost. Wendi Lee has been given a change of shoes to boots and a heavy mantle. She has been show many times confirming this by dreams and visions. Papa God Yahweh will always supply needs when I AM gives the call.

This new phase will be a mighty wind of revelation and teaching amongst other duties I will give My Servant. Do not lose hope. I AM Jehovah Yahweh is still on My Throne. I AM the Omniscient One who confounds the wise with the simple. I AM with you I AM Your Shield and Buckler.

What will these three and a half years hold? Papa says live your life by My Son Yeshua every day. God is The Revelator for I AM knows all things. Stay in My Holy Word for it feeds your spirit and soul.

Papa God Yahweh says My Elite will be shining with My Glory upon them very soon in this season of great revival. My Son Yeshua comes and who can stop Him. Make straight the path for it is here. Papa God Yahweh yearns to hold you all very soon in My Heavenlies. Papa loves and Papa remembers My Promises.

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