That Mysterious Planet That Everyone Guesses About

I Wendi Lee received this Word from Father God Yahweh at 1:16 am on 21 January 2016:

My Beautiful Daughter of Mine, write My Pure and Perfect Words for all to hear, see, and experience hearing from their Father of the Universe:

My Perfect Children, through My Son. Listen to Me, My Faithful. Father has some things He is going to release. The time that you cannot imagine is here. It will be manifesting itself in the natural realm very soon. That mysterious planet that everyone guesses about, but no person knows My Plans. Get ready My Faithful, for that mysterious planet is about to make its appearance. Father told you that there will be some pieces of the puzzle that you will see this year; and see you will do. It is about to get very exciting My Chosen Bride of Yeshua. It is time to begin suiting up for battle. You have not much longer to go, My Beautiful Ones. Father has given many of My Children dreams and visions about the mysterious body in the skies. It is ominous, and it is filled with evil; for it contains many of the Fallen Angels within it. You will be shocked when you see them with your President. Remember My Children, there is nothing new under the sun. All of My Plans will go according to how I deem them to be. My Bride will destroy the Fallen Angels. My Son is almost complete with His Mission of training up His Bride. Do not fret, all will be prepared My Faithful. Even My Servant is wondering about this as she writes. I have been warning and warning about this time. The Fallen Angels have been around this earth before, My Faithful. I, God Jehovah Elohim AM going to allow some things, and I, God Jehovah Elohim will not allow other things. My countdown for Mercy to end has truly begun My Children. Did you not think this time coming up would come? It comes My Faithful, it comes. God is with His Saints, God is with His Saints! Father God Yahweh, God is with you, has spoken!

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