Trump-Pence Will Continue Blowing the Shofar Alarm..

Wendi Lee Received 30 Oct 2020 Please take this to Father Papa God Yahweh, by the power of the Holy Spirit, and in King Yeshua’s Mighty Name and ask Papa if this is directly from Him.

Daughter who lives in Babylonia, write Father God Yahweh’s Perfect Words my True and Faithful Scribe who loves My Son Yeshua Ha Mashiach with all her heart, mind, soul, and strength.

My enemy has been ramping up his attacks against you Wendi Lee to discourage you from minding My Messages, Papa God Yahweh’s messages to My Children, however you are ever so strong in My Son Yeshua and you leap over walls and run through troops in My Perfect Son Yeshua.

Papa says “Pause” pause MY People for you are allowing yourselves to run in front of My Son Yeshua. Papa says to stop and pray for My Son to lead. He is The King Of Kings. My Children are allowing every whim to turn them. Papa says “Put the breaks on”. Have I not given America a new justice who lives for My Son Yeshua? Has Father not said that Roe vs Wade Abomidable will be thwarted and overturned?

Why does My Children listen to unsound doctrine? Did not Father say I was hearing your prayers about overturning abortion? Trust God Yahweh, all is in My Hands. I created you to allow Me to teach you as you navigate through the waters with My Only Begotten Son Yeshua Jesus at your helm. Have you allowed Him to bridle you? Have you allowed Him to gently correct you?

My Son Yeshua loves you forever. Cannot you feel His Consuming Fires burning in your heart? Ask Him to cleanse you no matter the cost. Some of you have allowed My Son to have His Perfect Will and Way with you. You greatly praise and give Him Yeshua all the glory He deserves. You are an endless fountain of gratitude for Him, Yeshua being Lord of your life.

Listen to Papa Father The Great I AM Yahweh The One and Only True God. Rest in My Son Yeshua for He knows how tired you are. Spiritual attacks are allowed but hasn’t Papa shown you in My Word that you have the victory in My Son Yeshua Jesus? Pawpaw allows these to further strengthen you. The battle is growing more fierce, learn to let My Son fight for you. Lay it down My Child at His Perfect Feet. Yeshua will take it willingly and give you His Light Burden. Stay focused and centered only on Him. Do not listen to the talking heads and be deceived. Ask for discernent and wisdom from Your Father from above. Ask in faith My Children pray with thanksgiving always. Your faith can move mountains and faith pleases Me.

Trump- Pence will continue blowing the shofar alarm. Mercy My Children I AM has mercy over judgment. Follow follow follow My Beloved And Perfect Son Yeshua Ha Mashiach Jesus Christ. He loves all of you and earnestly waits for you to let go of your reins. Papa God Yahweh says pause My Children and allow Yeshua your King to take your reins. God the Living Trinity loves you ever so much.

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