Do Not Treat Anyone With Harsh Words

Message from King Yeshua given to Wendi Lee 20Jan21

To All of My Children who follow Me and to all of My Lukewarm and to My Lost, I love you. You are all created completely different from one another, therefore do not treat anyone with harsh words for your words can crush My Little Souls. I AM mends hearts that have been torn by ugly words. King Yeshua says to love Your God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength, and King Yeshua says to love your brothers and sisters as yourself. Hearts are at stake in this My Great And Final Harvest. Hearts that I have been given access to can flee from Me because they are broken and they think they are irrepairable so they hide from Me. Words can crush bones and hearts. God Yeshua tells all of you be kind and help one another for in this you show them My Kindness. I AM will lead you from birth to hoary head if you allow Me, I will.

If your have not come to Me contritely My Hand is extended out to You My Creation. King Yeshua loves You and I long to shephard You and talk with You and have strolls with You. I AM does not create junk. I AM creates masterpieces. Please say yes to King Yeshua Ha Maschiach for I AM calling your name now. It is so very late My Child come home.

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