Biden Will Be Ousted

Word given 18Jan21 to Wendi Lee who at the invitation of Papa Yahweh started a 21 day fast for her and our group.

Papa says tell My Children I will honor their fast unto Me and My Son. Tell My Children that I AM with them, that Papa God Yahweh adores them and they will soon know who I AM personally in My Heavenlies. I AM the Maker of all creation, the sun, moon, and stars.

Papa God Yahweh will sustain you and quicken your spirit. I AM He that raised Jesus Yeshua My Son from the dead and I AM about to resurrect who I AM has chosen to lord over America . Biden will be ousted and as I gave a vision to Wendi Lee yesterday they will be unraveled, all of the foolish and wicked ones. I will have My Recompense. Pray for Father God Yahweh’s Will to be done on earth as it is in My Heavenlies.

Father God Yahweh rules and reigns over all peoples great and small no matter if they accept My Son Yeshua or not. I will have My Perfect Order. Yahweh speaks, all the love and peace I give to you My Children from your Papa The Great I AM.

During this time of fasting Wendi Lee has had 2 visions as late as 17Jan21

In one vision she saw a hand come down and pick up biden and the other hand come down and put down trump and then in another vision she saw several of the democrats but she did not say who and they were literally unraveling like a ball of yarn.

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