There Is No Coup That Will Hold

Given to Wendi Lee 19Jan21

I AM The Door, I AM The Way , I AM The Key. This is what Jehovah Yeshua says: Choose Me The King Of Glory, I’ll tell you My Story for it is good for your soul and body you won’t need a toddy to understand Me. I have given to man My Way is the only way, pray you hear what I AM says.

Your prez will be marching back to Washington DC from sea to shining sea thats who Donald J. Trump will be. There is no coup that will hold for I AM Yeshua will scold.

Behold I come make way a straight path and who can stop Me. I AM the King of Glory and my dutiful servant and scribe Wendi Lee will shout this from the housetops. Her commission will amaze her and all of My Children. Follow Me now and you will not need to plow with furrowed brow. This is My Time, this is My Final Harvest.

Yeshua loves all of My Little Doves.

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