I Divided Your Land O Babylon of Witchcraft

Given to Wendi Lee 28Aug20

Daughter of Papa God Yahweh’s Online Ministry you were urged to write My Prophetic Message to My Bewildered Children. You are seeing the great divide in Babylon America. As America has continued to divide My Israel, My Namesake, so have I divided your land O Babylon of witchcraft.

Your rebellion has reached to the highest and Father God Yahweh now allows the chaos to spill over. Who here in America is for Me to be your ruler and reigner? Do you you trust Me My Remnant?  Ask Me about voting and not your self conscience. Just as before you are placing your care, trust, and protection in man. When O when will you allow Me to lead you My Unwise Virgins?

My Faithful Ones tell My Only Begotten Son Yeshua they want Him for president of America but they will not. There is so much pride in the hearts of My Wayward Children. Can you not put your complete trust in My Son Yeshua? He gave His Blood for the cleansing of your wicked sins O America Babylon. Is it time for your decimation and destruction O America Babylon?  Father God Yahweh says unexpected miracles shall abound in My Son Yeshua’s Name. Father says take off your filthy flesh and put on My Son Yeshua Ha Mashiach.

The evil I will allow to grow for it is written, but Father God’s Son Yeshua’s People are praying like never before and I AM hears their pleas. Roe vs Wade the abomidable will be thrown out but I AM tells you this, expect the unexpected.

Father God Yahweh says Trump isn’t going anywhere for a while. Pray for your leaders as My Word says. These times are calling many of My Saints home to Me. Be aware and stay vigilant in your prayer closet.

Father God Yahweh says, do not try to figure out My Perfect Plans. You are to be anxious for nothing but in all things prayer and supplication with thanksgiving make your requests unto your Mighty God Jehovah.

I AM Yeshua is calling My Bride, My Jewels to battle on their knees and to seek My Face even more. Do not fear My Precious Saints for I AM with you and I AM has redeemed you, and I AM has called you by your name. You are Mine and King Yeshua loves you and adores you My Sweet Jewels of Mine. It will remain rocky but you are My Lights upon the hill. King Yeshua says, let your light so shine before men.  I AM Yeshua is so proud of My Shining Ones. Soon there will be no darkness anywhere and all things will be made new. Look up My Jewels for your redemption draweth nigh. I AM in control always. You have victory in Me forever. King Yeshua will strengthen and refresh you. Come to Me in My Quiet Waters, I await to her from each one of you My Loves.

Given to Wendi Lee 28Aug20 Pray and ask Father God Yahweh if these words are directly from Him

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