Coming Such A Revolution 9June20

My Dearest Daughter of My Heavenlies who resides upon My Earth. Write Father God Yahweh’s Words from My Epistle which you received from My Swift Eagle.

The bell tolls for the wicked and the evil, My Children are raging and I AM laughs.I have written the beginning and the end. Those who practice lawlessness shall receive their reward. I Papa Your Daddy Abba will allow My Enemy a little space longer. However, Father will rush the raging waters and they will abate at My Command.

Has My Children on My Earth kissed My Son Yeshua? Have they acknowledged what My Precious Son Yeshua did for just them? The thief didn’t repent of his prideful ways until his last moments, and so will other of My Children. It may look hopeless to you for your family members, but I AM says to you I AM Hope, I AM Wonder, I AM Your Saviour.

There is coming such a revolution in Babylon America. Brother will be enraged against brother, there will be a lack of love for one another. After the recklessness of the heathen, rioting and taking plunder, Father asks what did that accomplish? Has that brought peace upon the situation?. My Children play directly in the lions den and the young cubs are hungry. When is it OK to hurt another human being? When is it OK to disrupt households? When is it OK to try to bring justice from man? Father God Yahweh’s says “look to My Righteous Judge”. Look to My Son Yeshua Ha Mashiach. Look to your Peacemaker. Look to the Lover of your existence.

My Wayward Children, your way leads to death. Surely your sin has permeated the ground of My Earth. Father God Yahweh reminds you of My Promise, If you will humble yourselves unto your Rightful King,, He will hear from My Heavenlies and will heal your land. Repent America Babylon. My Heart aches for your acknowledgment and acceptance of My Beloved Son Yeshua.

My Word My Children, immerse yourself into My Word. Father God Yahweh knows the outcome of all circumstances, it is not passed out of My Hands. I AM will have My Remnant even at the last hour. The hoards of hell is controlled by Me the Great I AM Elohim Adonai The Mighty One of Israel.

My Faithful, My Glory comes and when it does you will be adorned with it. You won’t be able to understand what God Almighty has done so Papa God Yahweh says I will send My Saints of Old to teach you. Stay focused,. stay steadfast, stay with the One who is Your Stay. God Jehovah is so in love with alll of My Creation
. Pray My Saints for the lost to come to My Son Yeshua’s Arms. Soon it will become fight or flight, let My Son fight for you and you follow Him out of all of your heart and love.

Papa God Yahweh has more, this is all for now.

Papa Loves

Given to Wendi Lee

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