Then Another Birth Pain Will Come With Even More Death And Great Violence

Given to Wendi Lee 6 April 2020

Please take Papa God Yahweh’s Message directly to Papa and ask Him by the Holy Spirit and in King Yeshua’s Holy Name if this is directly from Him.

My dearest daughter of Mine, you have held My Epistle in your heart for a few days now, and now Father God Yahweh will reveal what I AM sealed.
Glorious, My children, it will ever be glorious during your homecoming rescue. Papa God Yahweh can’t wait to have you all home in My Heavenlies, for each of you to visit My Garden, and see ME, Papa God Yahweh revealed to My Own. Though the human eye cannot look upon ME in all My glory, that will all change when I AM brings your heart and soul and mind and body unto My Bosom forever. My Heart to your heart, My Face to your face, My Love radiating in you, My Child. This will happen, My tired children; stay focused during this critical time on My Precious Son Yeshua, your everlasting King of Glory, My saints. For this is but a taste of the evil that is coming upon My world. There will be such dark and gloominess for the wicked and unrepentant hearts, so stiff necked from their prideful ways.

Papa God Yahweh is removing the unseeing eye to the awakening eyes. But this is a birthpain, and they will begin to increase and become more rapid and with great moaning, for the world is giving birth to My Son Yeshua’s soon return. This gathers all who are My Son Yeshua’s saints closer to Him, and gives them more understanding in My mysteries. There is another birthing taking place before My Son Yeshua returns, and that is the great and glorious manifestation of My sons and daughters. The evil will not know how to handle those who carry My Glory upon them physically and spiritually. These are My Illuminated Ones, Mine who will be indestructible, Mine who will be invincible, Mine who follow My Son Yeshua, the Lamb of God wherever He leads. They will walk and they will be given wings to fly and the devils will scream to hide from them. The devil will try to send his army also, the great deceiver will not have his way. However, Father will allow those who don’t know My Holy Word to follow the deceiver for a while, they will suffer great consequences for this. As My children are sent to the four corners of the earth, heaven will be coming down with them. My Illuminated Ones will be accompanied with My Holy Angels who do My Will. And there will be the greatest revival this world has or will ever see. My Son will they hear ever so clearly.

For now, you see through the glass darkly, but when this time is here, you will see My Son and hear His Voice, and He will communicate with you on a level you could never conceive. Whose side do you want to be on, Father God Yahweh asks you? Father says there are extremely dangerous times ahead. Does not My Word tell you this? Can you not see that this has changed how you will live? Can you not see how the governments have complete control over you?

What will you do when the famine and the plague is raging on your planet? Can you not see the deception and the set up, My children? The devil has been given a season, and you are now in this season. Can you not see, My children? I give you My signs. I give you My subtle hints in the land. Can you not see, My beloved children? Many are going to yawn after this subsides, and turn over and go back to sleep, for they will become prideful in their hearts and think that man has defeated this sickness. Papa God Yahweh tells you, then another birth pain will come with even more death, and great violence will come with it. Be ready, stay awake My children of Light. Look and see which side you are going with. Look who you are allowing to lead you blindly going into the ditch.

For those of Mine, who are awake, Father has said continue praying for My Babies in the womb. For a little while they will be safe here in some pockets of America Babylon, but the people will rise against your president and overtake him. Keep praying for your president, My Trump; and for your vice-president; for My Trump-Pence are sounding loudly. Can you not see, My children? Stay in My Son Yeshua’s Bosom.
Father loves.

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