My Son Is So Giddy With Excitement 24May20

Please ask Papa Father God Yahweh if this Message is directly from Him in the power of the Holy Spirit, and in King Yeshua’s Mighty Name.

Daughter of My Heavenlies, write this urgent epistle in which you saw yourself grasping and running. My daughter will be receiving more Messages from Papa God Yahweh more frequently now. She has been praying fervently about her new duty in Papa’s Ministry. She has been given some pertinent dreams that she asks Me, Papa God Yahweh to confirm if they are from ME, Her living God of all truth, mercy, grace, and love. I say to WendiLee, that time has come that Papa God Yahweh told her many years ago now. My Son Yeshua has also given her a dream years ago; which are congruent with her recent perplexing dreams. Father God Yahweh tells My children this, for I AM uses My Prophetess and Messenger as one of My Examples. WendiLee has learned and has been given much wisdom from Papa God Yahweh and she has been taught to be still and know that I AM God. Though it is extremely hard to stay ever so close to My Son Yeshua in this time of evil and rampant sin; Papa is so very proud of My Son’s Bride. Bride; you have been taught humility and much patience. You have eagerly learned My Son’s Word; your daily meat and you faint with joy at His Holy Presence.

Father God Yahweh says you have climbed each step faithfully with My Son Yeshua, and My Son Yeshua is so giddy with excitement; for He is now able to begin sealing the last division of His Army Bride; Worthy is My Son Yeshua Ha Mashiach.

Father is sending WendiLee, on dangerous times, as I have in the past by giving her many more Messages every week. However, it is never the way you think; My children. Rejoice, My Bride of My Glorious Son Yeshua. I AM Yeshua, and I AM girding you up and receiving your ready and prepared vessels for My Country, My Kingdom of Glory and Truth.

Father has much more to reveal through My ministry. It is all in My Perfect Timing and Plan.

Father God Yahweh loves.

Given to Wendi Lee

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