The Mark of the Beast Will Be A Physical Implant…The Vaccine Is A Lead In To What The Evil One Has Planned

May 4, 2020 Given to Wendi Lee

Please take this Message from Papa God Yahweh to your prayer closet, and ask Papa God Yahweh, by the power of the Holy Spirit, and in King Yeshua’s Mighty Name, if this is directly from HIM.

My dear little one, who sat at the Tip of the Finger of God, write God Jehovah’s Message from the epistle you carried from Papa God Yahweh’s Throne Room!

Look out! What’s that happening in the east that is trying to consume the entire world? A ruler, who is purely evil.
A plan that has been growing for many years is being hatched against you Babylon America. Look out My children, be aware, and stay in constant prayer in My Son Yeshua. Listen up, you did not listen to My Prophets of old, and you refuse to listen to My Prophets of now. The three kings are for protecting nations. Pray, pray, pray. They are for My children; listen to your Papa God Yahweh; they will lose their lives for My Son Yeshua. It is written. Much bloodshed, My children. But the worst will be the latter. The worst and most evil king that has already risen once, will begin to rise again with flattery of the nations and great speaking of kindness and love; but his love is of serpents and scorpions. He is out to break My children to pieces. Father says he is no match for ME or My Son Yeshua.
Father God Yahweh will shorten the evil one’s plans to My good pleasure.Understand, My beloved Bride and Guests of My Son Yeshua? Papa God Yahweh, I AM the Great I AM, Heaven and earth are under ME, All is Mine! All of My creation does Father love. ALL! But some will never return My Son’s Love, and they will reap the consequences forever in My pits of eternal damnation. Papa will lead each one of My Son’s sheep and lambs to safety. All is recorded in My Word. You will escape the evil one by My Son Yeshua’s Eternal flowing Blood shed for just you; individually My beloved sons and daughters who worship and adore My Beautiful Son, God Yeshua Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Father misses nothing. Worry not about what is coming to the earth. But King Yeshua has My hearts and I treasure every one. You gave your very heart to ME, I AM Yeshua out of your trust in ME, and your heart is in My Heart. And if your heart is in My Heart than who shall tear you away, NO ONE! My beloved ones, King Yeshua says, do not fear or doubt,
I AM Yeshua has you, no matter what, I AM Yeshua has My Jewels that I have raised up just for this time. TRUST Your KING!

We, Your Mighty God will never let you go. Amen.

My glorious children, you please ME well and you shall receive your exceedingly great reward so very soon now. The mark of the beast will be a physical implant,
pay attention My children, the vaccine is a lead-in to what the evil one has planned. Always ask ME for My revelations; not man. You are in the time of sorrows.

Father loves `

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