Pray, Pray, Pray, For Your President America

Message from God Jehovah Yahweh given to Wendi Lee 26 March 2020

Dearest daughter of mine, write Papa’s words given to you in a dream last night directly from God Jehovah Yahweh. This is a great warning of things that are planned against My Faithful. Great turmoil and anxiety and fear of the unknown grips My World.

Do you know My Son Yeshua? Do you know what great lengths your Papa Daddy Abba will go to draw you to My Beloved Son Yeshua? Papa God Yahweh is not blindsided by what is happening. Papa God Yahweh knows every plan, every outcome, every evil way that has been hatched by the cockatrice. Children there are so many plans of the enemy against you. Papa God Yahweh says to read My Holy Word, where in it is what is happening this moment.

There are three kings that are about to be subdued. Pray pray pray for your president America, for his life is for My Purposes. Trump has made many many enemies doing My Will. Can you see My Children, can you see the enemy’s hidden agenda? America is in the sights of one. Papa God Yahweh is in complete control. Trump will continue to lead My People to victory over abortion. I Papa God Yahweh hears My Faithful’s Prayers and Papa is so very pleased. Roe vs Wade will be stomped out by My Righteous People’s fasting and praying.

The enemy sees that in My Hands it will be done as I AM wills it. He will fight viciously but will be silenced in My Perfect Timing. My Remnant, those who have not given theirselves over to idols will have a great victory in My Son Yeshua’s Name. It will come forth and will not delay. Stand My Bride, for I AM is with you. The enemy will be defeated in killing My Babies.

Cry to Me My Faithful, Father hears and I AM listening. It won’t be much longer before My Messengers are vindicated. Papa God Yahweh says to continue in My Purposes and in My Will. Your time comes on My Earth. All belongs to Me The Great I AM. Birth pains along with the judgments are for the wicked and the shaking awakes My Sleeping Beauties, for they will wake and be mighty through My Son Yeshua, even at the threat of death.

This is all for now My Children. Continue to pray for Papa God Yahweh’s Ministry as Papa has said great change is in the air for Wendi Lee leading My Children in this uncertain time. I would that you would fast and pray for the tremendous job Father God Yahweh is about to give Wendi Lee. She is and will remain My True Prophetess and My Mouthpiece.

Father God Yahweh will tell you to look to the East and do not trust all that you hear. Father truly loves all.

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