The Virus That Is Out Now Is A Test Of The Enemies of Yahweh

I received this Message from Papa God Yahweh on March 7, 2020, please ask if this Message is directly from Papa God Yahweh, through the Holy Spirit, and in King Yeshua’s Mighty Name.

My dearest daughter of Mine, write what Papa desires for My children to hear. I AM your holy and righteous Father. Are My children living their lives through My Holy and Righteous Son Yeshua? Father says, I AM pleased with My Bride who lives knowing they can do all things by My Son Yeshua Who indeed strengthens them. Father is pleased with My Bride who denies themselves everyday. Father is pleased with My Bride who allows My Son Yeshua to give them joy and make them smile. Father is not pleased with My Bride who causes discontent among the brethren. Father is not pleased with those who have the lust of the world in their hearts. Father is not pleased, My Bride, who do not read My Word and digest it, so they will know what Father hates. As My Holy Word states, My Bride will be split into: the ones who live every moment trying to please My Son Yeshua, and those who may even deny Him to fit in to this wicked world. Father God Yahweh asks you, who should be rewarded? While they are saved by My Son Yeshua’s precious blood, they justify their wicked ways and commit abominations in My sight. Papa says these are the ones that need to wake up to who they are, in My Son Yeshua. Papa says these are the ones who will go through many atrocities as they will not be gathered in My Son’s initial meeting with His honorable and extremely reverent unto Him, Bride. This is in My Holy Word in plain sight.

Do not, as you see America and My other nations are doing; do what My Word says, follow My Son Yeshua Ha Mashiach. Now, Papa tells you there is great upheaval coming when America’s laws will be challenged and even overturned. My Will, My Way. Papa has My children standing up for My babies, Papa has My children intercessing for My people in America (Babylon). Did not Daniel always pray? As wicked as America Babylon is, I have those who are My prayer warriors; understand My children? Father has My perfect plan in place. You are here, you are in My, Papa God Yahweh’s last generation, and what does Papa’s Word say concerning My Jewels? I will protect who are Mine, and the enemy will be in derision. He desires to bring My Bride down to destroy her, but he will be held back by My Hand. Who is in control of all circumstances, My children? Papa God Yahweh does not reveal everything that I AM going to do. Do not be afraid, do not fret. The enemy will be enraged when I take back My babies in the womb, which I AM Papa God Yahweh created! They do just as their ancient fathers did, sacrifice their little ones to baal. God Yeshua has all of Mine, all of Mine who have given their full lives unto Me. I AM will not let any harm come to you, not even a hair on your head. I AM Yeshua AM your King, and the enemy will not be allowed to destroy America while My children are still in it. Understand this; My Bride. My Father’s timeframe is perfect and His Will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Persecution like you have never seen in America is at hand. The virus that is out now, is a test by the enemies of God Yahweh. What does this tell you, My children? Be prepared, pray against what may be coming; My Father hears, and His Permissive Will is mercy for His children. Love each other, as I love each of you. Papa God Yahweh says, prepare, prepare, prepare in My Son Yeshua. The enemy is about to be shackled from preventing My precious babies to live. I AM God Yahweh! I AM the God of pure love. Rise and fight in your prayer closet! Great change is here!

Papa has said enough!
Papa loves you in such earnest, and I AM the King of your destiny

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