Children This Is Your Final Stretch You Are On Your Way to Home Sweet Home In Your Heavenly Abode

King Yeshua Word given to Wendi Lee 4 Dec 19

It is I your Beloved Everlasting Happy King Yeshua Ha Mashiach. I am giving My Beloved Daughter My Messages written as poems. Though they are poetic, they are ever so true, for I AM Truth. My Daughter is in the midst of transition in her life. Papa has given her a great blessing which will soon be revealed in My Perfect Timing. Pray for My Little Apostle for she experienced a most horrific dream last night. A dream that was ever so real, but I AM was right there with her. She will tell of this dream and how it relates to My Children.

Children this is the final of the final stretch, you are on your way to home sweet home in your heavenly abode with your God Jehovah Everlasting. I know I know just how tired you are. Have I not sent much encouragement to all of you? Look and see what blessings I give each one of you no matter of your current circumstance. IAM Yeshua will never leave My Own and I know you if you have sought Me with all of your heart. I do not know you if you have rejected Me and My Word.

Give your heart to Me. I know how to gently ease you down My Narrow Path of Righteousness and Holiness. I AM Holy. See Me Holy through Me. My Creation cannot understand Me without My Ruach Hakodesh. He lives in each of My Children to teach and reprove and set thee on the right path. Yes you can me Mine and still be on the wrong unlit path. I will gently turn you around and you will hear My Still Small Voice leading your every move.

Pray for My Lost Children for I do so love them. I AM Yeshua knows who are mine, I do I do. Don’t try to understand My Father’s Perfect Ways, you will be left wanting, but know that My Father knows all, the beginning and the ending and everything in between.

My Daughter does not know what to expect in Papa’s Part 2 of His Third Phase. I AM Yeshua visited her with My Chalice of Living Water in her dream, the same night she received My First Short Poem but she was very vigilant in praying and challenging if it was from Me, Yeshua. Her life and her experiences with me are all incorporated unto My Father placing her in His Ministry.

I AM Yeshua wants to be very close to My Children, all of them. I churn at their hearts and some will respond and some will take some time and some won’t ever respond to their Everlasting Saviour Yeshua Ha Mashiach. Keep praying for the time is here when they will not listen to sound doctrine.

Your Beloved King of All Creation, I AM at the helm of your vessel. I’ve given My Word through My Dedicated Prophetess, High Priestess, and Apostle Wendi Lee.

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