My Children I Have Given This Generation So Many Chances to Accept My Son Yeshua

Received from Father Yahweh 8 Feb 2020

Write this down My Beautiful One for I AM has selected you to be My Spokesperson to My Papa God Yahweh’s Messages, for My Glory. Children of Mine do you not know this is the day of woes. Let Father say this, giants used to roam My Earth in Noah’s day and all of mankind turned to the evil one. Their hearts were unclean and filthy. Papa already had a plan and nothing can thwart Me. All that died in My Flood had rejected Me, so Papa gave to them their hearts desire, after I had My Preacher Noah tell them of Me Pure Love. Yet they would not for 120 years.

My Children I have given this generation so many chances to accept My Son Yeshua, and yet they stick their noses up and reject their One and Only True Saviour and Friend, so Papa God Yahweh must increase My Birth Pangs and Judgment Levels to bring My Children to My Bosom. My Heart. This is what I Papa God Yahweh Jehovah wants is to gather all and tuck them under My Wings to dwell forever at My Altar.

It is no mystery to Me who My Remnant is, yes I have always and will still have a people that will not bow themselves to other little gods. I will have My Jewish Remnant also. All must go through My Heavy Handed Discipline. This cleans My Children up through My Son Yeshua’s Blood.

My Daughter was blessed with a wonderful and perplexing experience from God Yahweh and “Pawpaw”. She was not expecting to have a conversation with her husband Donald from Heaven, but she received that blessing from her “Pawpaw”. “Pawpaw” allowed her before a few years ago also to talk to Donald. Wendi Lee hasn’t mentioned her past conversations with her husband because of many reasons. This is how I bless and give good gifts to My Children who follow My Son Yeshua’s every lead. Wendi Lee can barely comprehend either experience.

Papa God Yahweh has much in store for all of My Children. Papa gives much and much is to be expected. Children you cannot realize how difficult it is to be My Prophet. Do you remember how My Other Prophets lived? They felt isolated and alone in the revelations that I gave them. It is now and it always has been greuling and lonely to hear directly from Me God Jehovah Yahweh.

Wendi Lee and My Other Prophets are always in much prayer about every message that I give. Papa expects them to challenge Me as I AM has taught them. Wendi Lee was challenging Me about being allowed to talk to Donald in My Holy Word. I AM quickly reminded her of who John talked to in the mighty vision of My Heavenlies.

Listen to My True Prophets My Children. Papa says much judgment is coming to America. My Son Donald Trump thinks he is doing Israel a favor with the peace plan he has endorsed, however liveth, it betrays My Israel, having Israel accept My Land to be divided is going to trigger the worst war to come.
There will never be peace My Children, My Peace, My Son Yeshua has not been called upon or cried out to by My Israelites. Until they realize who My Son Yeshua is there will be much bloodshed by the enemy. Do not worry My Beloved Children for this must come to pass.

Papa God Yahweh has written My Story and it is GOOD. Papa God Yahweh loves and cherishes every moment you are communing with My Son Yeshua. Papa Loves.

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