Who I AM

Given to Wendi Lee 10 September 2105

My Beautiful Daughter write My Faithful and True Words to all of My Beloved Creation:
King Yeshua Ha Mashiach; who is He, you might ask. He is the Great God Almighty. He is Me, your Eternal Lord and Master. I AM the Glorious Son of the Highest. I was born of a woman on earth, a virgin who never knew her husband until after My Birth. I weighed six pounds and twelve ounces when I was born, and I was born into a very poor family. I was raised as a normal child; and had many friends as I grew. This was important that everything in My childhood was normal, for this shows how Human I AM. It was also very important for Me to be baptized by John the Baptist, so I could fulfil My Mission by My Father who sent Me. There may be some of you who don’t understand how I, your God could have a normal childhood, it is indeed hard to comprehend. But I tell you yet again, I AM incomprehensible. Who can search and know My Ways. Who can compare to Me; no one My Children. I fulfilled My duties to My Father, as I hung on that cross, My Loves. He sent Me just for that purpose , and I willingly gave My Life for the world’s sins. So that all who will believe in Me, Yeshua Ha Mashiach, will have everlasting life and have it more abundantly. O’ My Children, you know how late it is, darkness envelopes this earth, My Lovely Creation. If you are one of My Faithful, you will be hidden in Me; for I protect all of My Little Ones. However, My Wrath will take its toll on the stiffnecked ones who have hardened their hearts to Me. I weep over you, My Beautiful Creation, I truly do. My Children, all of you are My Creation, and I love you all the same. I do not have any favorites. However, My Children who belong to Me have different roles. And no two of My Little Ones have the same path. You must work out your own salvation, My Loves, with fear and trembling. I love you, My Beautiful Loves,King Yeshua Ha Mashiach

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