When Did I Say That My Word Goes With The Culture Of The Day?

Given to Wendi Lee on 30 Mar 19 by Papa God Yahweh

Daughter, so faithful and devoted to Your King, you are to write what Papa God Yahweh tells you. Write My Child. Papa says enough with My Sleeping Church.Is it a light thing that your world is now mimicking hell on earth? When did I say that My Word goes with the culture of the day.Papa Your Holy and True One, who sent His Only Begotten Son Yeshua, so that the world could be saved by Yeshua’s willing and perfect sacrifice, will begin to show this decaying world who I AM.
My Children seem to think that I’m in My Heavenlies sound asleep. I AM a Faithful and Extremely Active God Yahweh. No one will ever love and care for you as I AM does.
Do not continue to be docile. Get up and fight, My Spiritual Warriors. Draw out the sword that does the fighting for you. My Sword spells “Defeated is satan and the fallen evil ones ” My Sword does not hold back for My Sword is My Eternal and Victorious Word of God,My Beloved Son Yeshua HaMashiach. You can only have access to My Sword if you have accepted My Son Yeshua Jesus Christ into your heart, life, and your free will. For without My Son you are dirt and dung grows within you.
You fool all by your shiny self on the outside but The Great I AM says you are a fool and I will confound you with My Simple. I AM ever so merciful with every one of my creation but I AM knows what is just ahead. Can you hear the bullhorn saying to keep your armor on and have My Word upon your tongues? The battle between My Angels and the devil’s angels is raging.
You are at the point where the devil has come down to you. Woe to you My Earth. Hear me now. You will begin to see the outbreak of severe persecution in America Babylon. Yes My Church, Babylon is America and has been turned over to the lawmakers who invite My Creation who embattle themselves against My Son Yeshua. It is a battle they will sorely regret. Did I not command My Israelites not to allow my enemy into the camp? They have clearly deceived you, My Children.
The devil is out to kill you My Church, however, you have put down My Son’s Words for so long you do not have any ammunition to go against it. Can you see it? My Awake Church, can you see how the enemy has snuck in unawares. This enemy hates My Israel and this enemy hates My Son Yeshua’s Church.
Now do you understand all of Father God Yahweh’s Warnings? Now do you see how Papa has been telling My Children it won’t happen the way you have heard? The enemy was patient and is now going in for the kill for he has plenty of wolves in sheep’s clothing here in America Babylon.
How can My Church think that God Yahweh can bless your sinful abominable lawless murderous laws? I tell you the truth. Many will be begging for My Son to rescue them and He will not turn anyone away. Persecution purges My Children from their sinful ways.
If you have not given your life as a complete sacrifice to My Son, you will soon know how to honor My Son Yeshua and you will soon know how to revere My Son Yeshua. My children, Papa has given you My Signs in My Holy Word. Take heed and take notice. Who will stand up for My Son Yeshua? Your Papa, Your Daddy Yahweh

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