Your Mohammed Screams In Pain

Given to Wendi Lee by Father God Yahweh on October 14, 2018

Daughter who lives in America Babylon but is nothing of it, write Papa God Yahweh Scathing and Searing Words directly from your Father God Yahweh’s Mouth to your ever listening ears.

The winds of adversity are here and they will blow upon you O Babylon America. You hold your putrid flag of pride in My Face in complete defiance of My Word. Thou shalt have no other gods before Me. Thou lovest the red, white, and blue more than thou lovest Me and My Son.

Father did not set this nation in its place for you to defy Me the One and Only True God, but I Father God Jehovah will defy all of your wicked thoughts and actions. You have displayed your wickedness and whoredoms for all to see. There is no shamefacedness among you goats of Babylon America. How dare you think that you can win against Me the All Powerful God Jehovah Yahweh. I’ll tell you you putrid sores in My Eyes, because you have fallen for the fallen one. The one who deceives you into believing that Mohammed is the prophet in Islam and that Allah is the god. I tell you this is the unholy religion that basks in the son of deception the father of lies.

Your Mohammed screams in pain, in agony in My Hell eternally and you O unholy religion of Islam will follow your
beloved wretched and naked prophet straight into the bowels of hell. There is no light, no fun, no friends, no comradery, no seventy virgins in My Hell, for I created it for the devil and his angels. You need the Light the Holy and True Light of the World, My Son Yeshua Ha Mashiach. I have been sending My Son to your sons and daughters O wicked religion of whoredom and they are seeing the One True God YAHWEH! My Son the Living Saviour Of The World. My Son the One Who holds the key to death, for if you come to My Son Yeshua you shall never die.

You are Mine God Yahweh’s creation the God that is Three Persons in One, the Holy and True Trinity, the God Jehovah who created you from dust and the God of Love. Because no matter if you believe in My Son Yeshua or not I God YAHWEH ELOHIM ADONAI loves you with an everlasting and peaceful and gentle and longsuffering love. I AM crumbling this whore religion piece by piece. You think you can take over My World; who AM I? I will pound your flesh into dust as you came.

It is at the most crucial time in history for you to listen to Me, but Father will harden some of your hearts so My Children can see how they completely need to depend upon Me for their very lives. They will see how what I , Father God Yahweh does is for their good; for My Plans are life for My Children not death and destruction, but you choose your own path. I will not obstruct your will, however, you shall remember every wicked deed as your flesh rots in My Hell for all eternity if you do not accept My Beautiful Son the Everlasting Son of God, the Holy One of Israel. You have much to think about O you who worship my enemy Islam, satan’s pit of destruction and unholiness. I AM bigger than your false and full of vanity religion of baal. God Jehovah YAHWEH ELOHIM has spoken.

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