Israel Will Be Forever Standing My Children, America You Will Fall To Pieces.

Given to Wendi Lee by Father God Yahweh on 15 Oct 18

Write My Holy Daughter who lives in Babylon America but has come out of her. Father has just given Wendi Lee a vision of complete and utter destruction of you O whore Babylon. There shall be nothing remaining except where the owls roost on the broken branches.

When O Babylon America are you going to realize that your struggle is not against Me but against My Enemy the devil of all lies, the devil of all murders, the devil who is the deceiver of My Children. Father God Yahweh hears your yawns of this will never happen. God has been saying this forever and we haven’t seen it come to pass yet. What are you going to do when I plunge this country into complete chaos?

What will you O Church of Mine who pays Me no mind? This is when the breaking point begins and My Healing will begin in your spirits. This is when you will see Me in a way you have never realized or dreamt about. You will come back to My Son because deep down in your heart O My Church you love My Son Yeshua more than you shall ever know. But Papa must do My Shaking. It begins with the waking up of the hearts of My Church. You just can’t see in your hearts or minds that Papa God Yahweh has been speaking loudly through My Prophets and Prophetesses telling you that My Son Yeshua is coming soon, to be prepared for My Judgments, to be prepared for My Earthly Birth Pangs.

I tell you Papa says it is now. What you have seen across the globe is nothing yet. The birth pangs will have My Church wanting to let everything go and only cling to My Son. Some of you say that America is the apple of God’s eye. I Father God Jehovah Yahweh tells you that My Remnant in America is the Apple of My Eye.

Israel will be forever standing My Children. America you will fall to pieces. I have told you before through this prophetess that I Father God Yahweh will break the back of America. That is right around the corner. How much time do you think you have O Church to live on this earth as it is. Father God Jehovah reminds you of what My Holy and Inerrant Word Says, that the Lord will make a short work on this earth. Time, times are here. Wake up and smell the winds of adversity. I have shown My Daughter in a vision that she took a hammer and destroyed your whore image in America, the Statue of Liberty. Father God Yahweh tells you to find liberty in My Son He is the ONLY ONE WHO WILL SET YOU FREE O Captive Of Babylon America. Father warns and Father has spoken. I AM the Eternal Grace and Father of All.

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