Shame On You Goats In America

Given to Wendi Lee 6 October 18

Papa God Yaheveh Elohim Adonai says “Shame on you goats in America”. You are so very deceived by the one you serve so ignorantly and foolishly. You are in My Holy Word when I said they will call evil good and good evil. Vipers with poisonous tongues shame on you you goats who will stop at nothing to prevent Roe vs Wade from being overturned, but Papa told this servant while she was in Florida by My Hand that Kavanaugh would be confirmed.

Woe, woe, woe, the separation can be seen by My Son’s Children. It is vile and it is vicious. My Children, Papa will have His Will done in America Babylon. I pull the strings and I say when and where and how. I the Great I AM tell you that when abortion is illegal great persecution will come to you my beloved saints such as you have never seen. My Son Yeshua had My Daughter watch the senators spew their phony cares out to you America. They are the very ones that carry out the devil’s plans, sold out to greed and kill My Innocent Ones.

Woe to those who come against Me the Great I AM. My Wrath will overturn you O America in My Judgments, in My Wrath of destruction. You will burn and be cast into outer darkness forever. America was started by Me and America will have its end by Me. Did I not talk about you in My Book of Revelation O America Babylon? Are you not the nation that sent out your inhabitants full of sin and guile to corrupt My Nations? Do you not have all the riches O America Babylon? Yet My Son Yeshua will spew this wretched goat nation out of His Mouth.

To My Beloved Remnant in America, worry not for you have the victory in My Son. Obama is going to tear your country down piece by piece and goat by goat. Father will allow this My Remnant. Did not I protect My Remnant when Babylon invaded and took them over ? Trust My Son. This is your only choice if you desire to live eternally, my unsaved people. If you continue to reject My Son, Father at My Perfect Timing may give you over to a reprobate mind, however, all can overcome evil and sin by My Son no matter what state your spirit has been in.

Take a look and see where the goats have taken this country. It has Godless laws and O America you honor Me not, but I Father God Yahweh will have My Way and My Will be done. Prepare My Beautiful Ones for it must be that persecution comes to you O America. Then you will be aware of what time you are in. O sleepers, My Son Yeshua waits for you to come back to His Ways and His Heart.. Papa Daddy Abba has spoken and I have sealed this message. I AM the Great I AM. Prepare for persecution and destruction. Papa has warned. Be not afraid for My Son Yeshua will give you His Peace not the flimsy and fleeting peace of the world. Papa Yahweh Loves. Heed My Warnings.

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