Destruction, Death, And Suffering Why Does God Jehovah Allow This

Given to Wendi Lee Sept 26 2018

My Child Wendi Lee write My Holy & True Words coming directly from My Mouth to your ears. This is your Papa of All Creation, Your Adonai, Your Maker and Your Redeemer. I AM The Rock of Your Salvation.

Destruction, death and suffering, why does God Jehovah allow this to come upon His Children? Many many of you ask Me, though I do not have to give you an answer, Father will tell you. From time beginning God Jehovah Yaheveh knew you as My Word states, I have given each one who belongs to My Son and Me a measure of grace. I have always known what you will need, how much refinement and chastisement will be necessary for you, to make you fit to enter My Holy of Holies, for no uncleanness can enter.

Follow My Holy Word My Child, no spot or blemish on your garments. When My Son Yeshua gives you freely His Free Gift of Eternal Life, you will be with Him and I Father God forever, but this does not mean that you still don’t need to be cleaned up. This is a walk with My Son, of processes and time. Each season in your life is already planned out by Me. I already know what the enemy is going to petition for for each of you, and as I did with Job I do allow certain undesirable events to unfold in each one of your lives. All of My Children suffer commonly. I AM no respector of persons. If you do not live your life that’s pleasing to Me and by My Holy Word then I will scourge you, My Son and Daughter. This is out of My Great Love for you.

My Son Yeshua has forgiven you and He will cleanse you from all unrighteousness to bring you into My Heavenlies. There is nothing complicated, for you must enter into My Son’s Eternal Salvation as a child. This means you humble yourself completely unto My Son and walk in repentance.

Father must now take drastic measures to awaken My Children before they are deceived. I will tell you, if you belong to My Son Yeshua you will not take a mark of the beast. It is those who only act out and do ritualistic and religious acts; but they do not know My Son by heart. These are they that won’t have My Holy Spirit within them to keep them safe eternally. My Holy Spirit will never leave you or forsake you once you accept My Son Yeshua wholly and sincerely, but those who have not will have such a hard road if they choose My Son’s Narrow Way, but My Son will be right there with them.

Father has explained much in My Message today. Seek My Holy Word in prayer, My Children, and I will explain more of My Mysteries to you. Trust your God Jehovah Almighty Elohim. I AM with you. Father Loves.

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