If My Son Leads You To Move Then Move

Received by Wendi Lee 18 Aug 18

My Children young and old listen to what your Papa God Jehovah Yahweh has to say this day whispered in the ear of My Beloved Prophetess Wendi Lee. Tick Tock and I say Tick Tock, your mouths are about to drop. I know every plan and device of the enemy and remember My Beloved Children of Mine, he cannot receive any power except for what I give to him. Do not ask why Father would give power to the enemy for My Way’s are much much higher than man’s. Just know My Children that it is all woven in My Time Constraints of My Earth. You live by time controlling your lives but Father Yahweh has no time. I AM always in existence. My Ignorant and Disobedient Ones think they know it all that I AM just a myth, a legend, a fairytale. They will be shown who I AM either through My Son’s Precious Blood or through My Holy and Righteous Wrath.

My Daughter felt My Anger through an illustrated dream of Me and My Son Yeshua and she prays that no one feels My Hot and Thunderous Wrath. Children you have no idea what the lost will face, but Father says pray, pray, pray for them who have not embraced My Son Yeshua. Know this My Children that as you intercede for My Lost, your prayers are in My Perfect Will, for it is My Perfect and Sovereign Will that no one should perish. Father God Yaheveh hears your every prayer yes I do. Some of you will suffer persecution as My Apostles and Early Church did.

You are living out the days now as My Son lived. Many Pharisees and Sadducees and many heathen. Much chaos and unbelief in the One True God sending His Only Begotten Son into this evil world so He might save and call them His Son’s and Daughters. This sign was given last year since then since I did not send My Son many have decided that it is not the end of the end but Father tells you it is.

Prepare yourselves My Sons and Daughters. If My Son leads you to move than move. If My Son tells you to stock up then stock up on supplies. If My Son tells you to be still and know I AM God then listen. Now is not the time to not listen to that still small voice. Father says if you are meant to go to the safe havens, then God Yeshua will lead you. Father God Yaheveh says not every one will go to them, My Daughter for instance will be delivering needed supplies, equipment, groceries, and medical supplies as directed. Some of you will go to your deaths by dying for My Son Yeshua. Some will die in other circumstances. Some of you will be staying. Some will be plucked and redeemed as My Son’s Mighty Ones, His 144,000, His first fruits.

So many of My Children forget My Word. My Firstfruits, the ones who follow the Lamb whithersoever He goest. These are the elite army of My Son Yeshua Ha Mashiach. They will leap over great walls, gravity will have no effect upon them. They will fly as doves and have My Son’s Great and Mighty Power and Spirit of God upon them. How many people did I God Jehovah take up in a rapture so far My Children? I work in patterns, all will be just as I orchestrated through My Ruach Ha Kodesh and in My Son Yeshua. Do not be taken aback when you see My Word being fulfilled just as My Word says, but Father says it will never happen the way man thinks. Be ready in My Son to jump if He says jump. Father God Yahweh loves. I AM the God of all gods, there is none besides Me. I AM the forever faithful one who loves all of My Creation forever. I AM eternal and I AM the Rainbow of All Love.

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