It Will Not Be Seven Years Of Woe

Message from Papa Received 16 April 18 by Wendi Lee.

Child Wendi Lee, Father God Yahweh has My thoughts for you write and read to My Children. The time is now to repent for the Kingdom of My Son Yeshua Ha Mashiach is at hand. How close is it My Children ask? Father says not many years, no not many at all. My Word tells you that you are the generation that won’t pass away until all things are fulfilled. Do not forget that I AM The God of Time. I can and I will accelerate it for the sake of My Elect and those days will be cut short.

My Children think they have the years of the tribulation figured out, but Father says nay. It will not be the seven years of woes while My Saints are celebrating at the Lamb’s Supper, NO NO NO. My True Saints will be helping and fulfilling their last true calling in heaven and on earth. My Preachers and My Evangelists bring so many of My Lost to My Son, but so many have chosen to only listen to their own thoughts when it comes to My Son’s Prophecy.

O My Children Father cannot stress this truth to you enough. My Son Yeshua will not be sent by Me Father of All Glory until many things will be fulfilled. Read what My Son Yeshua’s Newborn Church suffered and took great delight in standing up for My Son’s Name Sake even to the point of being martyred. Think upon these things My Saints, do not have it in your hearts that you shall simply be lifted in the air when terrible things begin. My Son’s Bride, Wake Up to My Truth, this is the time to wake up and open, open, open, your spiritual ears and hear what My Holy Spirit is saying.

Continue praying for your family members. Continually be in prayer without ceasing. Be ready and willing to lose everything, even your very life. Father God Yahweh speaks, Is any of My Saints hearkening to My Words? Your Loving Papa.

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