How Did The Prophets Hear Me In The Old Testament

Message given to Wendi Lee 1Jun18

My Child write My Eternal and Heavenly Words directly through My Ruach Ha Kodesh and in My Son’s Perfect and Holy and Redeeming Blood. Father just told you how you hear from Me My Child. If there is anyone that My Son hears, it is through His Blood shed on the cross. if there is anyone who hears My Son clearly it is through My Son’s Precious Blood. All passes through His Selfless Sacrifice.

How did the prophets hear me in the Old Testament? Father says I make the rules. I have exalted My Precious Son’s Name above all names and no one can enter My Holy Presence unless they go through My Perfect Only Begotten Son, who is your Mediator My Creation. But most of My Creation chooses to not acknowledge or accept My Son Yeshua. Papa says woe to those who go their own way in this world. Your still necks will lead you straight to the bars of hell. No one crosses these bars who enter into My Eternal Wrath.

My Son speaks of hell eternal much in His Time here on earth. Most choose to ignore My Holy and True Word to their peril. If My Children only knew how Father has put them here as a testing time and after they accept My Son with all their hearts then eternal happiness, joy, contentment, and rest is in My Son Yeshua. But they stick their nose in the air and say don’t come near them. This God Jehovah despises. Oh if only they could comprehend what eternity they will have for not accepting My Son Yeshua. Many accept Him right before they close their eyes to sleep here on earth. Many, they have never lived for My Son Yeshua yet saved by His Perfect Sacrifice.

Store up your treasures where your heart is, it will either rot away or it will be in My Heavenlies awaiting your return. If you belong to My Son you are seated in heavenly places and have your citizenship in heaven. You shall be in My Presence daily singing your beautiful praises to your Jehovah God and rejoicing with others. It is late, it is late, it is late, pray for My Lost they will go through a hell on earth they could never comprehend for they will want to die but will not be able. My Remnant the final curtain call is about to ring out. Be ready to be changed into Father Yaheveh’s Glory. You have somewhat of an idea what you will be doing, most only know certain things and not the whole picture.

Guests will also be arrive to the wedding, go bid them to come saith Papa God Yahweh Elohim Adonai. Your Father of Eternal Glory And Unchanging Love has spoken.

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