My Child Write For Time Is No More

Given to Wendi Lee 15 June 18 by Father God Jehovah

My Child write for time is no more. Time is no more ! Children, Father says time to begin looking up and praising Me for what I have done in your life, for it is about to pass away before your very eyes. Do you understand My Child, those who mock and scoff and say that all things work in cycles here on earth, so there are volcanos and earthquakes occurring in diverse places, so there are wars and rumors of wars, so there are wildfires raging, so there is much flooding this has always been and it will die down just as it always has. Fools, Father says it is at a tipping point and My Mercy fades off of the children who refuse My Son, who say My Son Yeshua isn’t God. Fools, vipers with poison in your tongues and in your hearts, you allow the enemy of your very soul to take control of you instead of Your Maker who died for you.

Fools, for you say the cross, My Son’s Cross, The Power of God, is foolishness. You are faithless and powerless and loveless. Father God Yaheveh holds your breath in your lungs, in My Hands, but you say that you evolved into humans. You will regret all that’s in your wicked hearts, either by coming on your knees to full repentance to My Son Yeshua or by hell fire. It is your choice and it is to your detriment upon the latter.

But if you choose life in My Son, Yeshua, then you will be with Me. No, it will not be easy as you walk down My Son’s Path of Righteousness, but My Child, the joy you will receive after you draw your last breath! It is not the time for procrastination, it is the time for salvation in My Son’s Perfect Blood. Honor My Son Yeshua and He will be the Lord of Your Life and you will laugh with your Savior who intercedes for you to Me continually. But if you ignore Father’s Beckoning to you it will be the worst calamity that could ever befall a human being.

Do you wonder children why it has gotten so bad in these days? Sin everywhere, flagrantly being displayed. There will be no parades in hell. If you are living an ungodly lifestyle, men with men and women with women to which I God Jehovah created man to cleave to his wife, then you are committing an abomination unto Me. If you are worshipping the creature more than the creator then you are committing an abomination unto Me.

Stop, Father says, and fall upon your knees and repent. There was once an extremely wicked world in the days of Noah. Father asks, what did God do about it? Father God Jehovah has spoken My Searing Words. Take heed Repent ,Repent ,Repent. God Jehovah loves you all.

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