These Times of Woes Will Test Even My Very Elect

Sept 17, 2020 Given to Wendi Lee

My glorious daughter of Zion, you are my humble servant, write Papa God Yahweh’s words of immediacy for My Children, My Creation. Papa hears your cries, your cries of “Please stop the hatred and the violence”.

Papa hears the pleas of my beloved saints; you see my children, these are the times of woes. Divinations, abominations & harlotry abound. This is written and you are in these times.

Papa God Yahweh says, “Do not fear”. What can man do to you if you are a child of the King of the Universe? Is it not all in My Hands? Can I not save those who are mine? Is there anything too hard for me?

Stay your heart upon My Son Yeshua.

These times of woe will test even My Very Elect. You must stay in My Word and let Me feed you and refresh you daily; pray, pray, pray, because I AM Your Stay, Stay, Stay. You soar on Eagle’s wings, for you follow My Son Yeshua HaMashiach and none other.

Many of you plan to not take the vaccine; this is your choice. Papa says listen to Me, My Beloved Children, those who listen and quiet themselves shall find their answers in me. I say to you, I AM in charge. The evil one’s mark will be fatal, as My Word states, and only those who don’t know My Son Yeshua may take it, for the Lord God knows who is His.

The vaccine that is promised by man is a temporary fix by government; for what comes next will be much worse of a pestilence.

Keep your eyes focused upon My Beloved and Only Begotten Son, Yeshua HaMachiach; He is your Forever Friend.

Papa God Yahweh loves you all; there will be more, later, this is all for now. Stay focused on the most important Person – Yeshua!

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