Some of You Will Be Changed First Hand and Some Will Come After With My Grand Escape

Given to Wendi Lee 15July20

You are going to do great feats, that you could never imagine. First, testing will be unleashed for those who have been sleeping. I never sleep nor slumber and I have been watching my church slowly start peeking open an eye, but as my church sees what is coming, then fear grasps them and they quickly go into denial and go back to their slumber.

Where is your faith My Little Ones. You know not when you will be transformed, stay the course My Soldiers of God Yahweh. I have your assignments, they are in My Hands. Some of you will be changed first-hand and some will come after with My Grand Escape. Some of you will be coming home to me King Yeshua HaMashiach, sooner then you think.

Stay focused on the things above, not the things that are in front of you. My Daughter is going to feed you with My Word, My Truth as I have anointed her highly to do. She will be rising up as my truth fighter as she is led completely by her King of All Kings and LORD of All Lords, Jesus Christ, Maker of Heaven and Earth. I have My Generals, these will go through the gates of martyrism. I have spoken this before, that some of my children are aware. Some will know in my Father’s perfect timing. Don’t look at your circumstances surrounding you. Oh Ye of Little Faith. Look unto The Author and Finisher of Your Faith, Me The One and Only True God, Yeshua Yahweh. I AM WHO I AM

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