Have Faith My Saints. They Will Take You Into Mock Courts And Will Bear False Witness Against You

Message from King Yeshua 2Mar19

My dearest daughter Wendi Lee, hear My Words and write what God Yeshua says to My Children.
Gear up and ready yourselves to ride upon the troubled winds on My Earth.
You can see as the evil is encircling all that is good and calling it evil.
Was not this written? Children, I AM in control and I hear all of your prayers for the
lost ones in your families and for My Babies who are being murdered by the laws of men.

God Jehovah has warned about the love of many waxing cold.
Well, I ask you, can you see that sin is so very rampant on My Earth?
If I AM doesn’t intervene, man will sin himself into oblivion.
Is this not the days of Noah? Men are reprobate and God will give them over as they do not want Me to save themselves.

I still work in those who are mine and do not think I have forgotten about any of you
for I will never forget who are Mine. I have a special place for just You in My Heavenlies. Yes I do.

This life is full of testings and trials. but My Children, they are strengthening you for what is to come.
I tell you, they will soon be outlawing Me everywhere and they will come for My Own.

I AM your hiding place. Is there anything too difficult for Your King? Though your flesh may be touched, it will not harm you. For you are strong in Me. Understand? This is what My Early Church leaned upon, Me, for they knew I was the Only One who loved them so much that I died for each of them. And oh how they loved Me and how they didn’t love their fleshly lives to the death. For once I take your spirit home, you are with Me in My Heavenlies forever.

Have faith My Saints. They will take you into mock courts and will bear false witness against you.
Have I not said this in My Word? Yet many of you think that My Bride will not suffer.
Where is that in My Holy Word, My Children?

Persecution is coming to this nation of Babylon. Persecution is coming very quickly.
Be ready. Stand strong. Pay attention to what My Holy Spirit is leading you to do,
not one-size-fits-all, my saints. Understand?

I have given many visions to Wendi Lee and other of My Messengers, many of persecution in
this nation I AM has richly blessed and I say it will be no more. I have My Faithful
still in this wicked country for My Light will shine through the wicked darkness. Nothing
can put out your light if you live for Me.

If you have chosen not to give your all to Me, then you shall go through much tribulation.
For I must refine you and prepare you to enter into the Kingdom of God. This is all
for now. Be ready. Be vigilant for persecution is being opened up from the enemy.
Trust me, My Beloved Saints, trust your Faithful and True King Yeshua HaMashiach.
So much love.

King Yeshua, The Great I AM, Messiah Jesus

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