Stay In My Holy Book

Given to Wendi Lee 9 Sept 18 by Father

Children of the Most High God, it is that time of calamitous events that I have been warning and warning about. It’s here it has arrived, what more does Papa need to say? God’s Holiness will prevail. Me Jehovah Yahweh Elohim, My Beloved Son King Yeshua and My Beloved Holy Spirit have shed many many tears about what My Children have allowed the enemy to lead them to believe. Never listen to anyone who does not preach My Holy Word, My Holy Love Instructions, My Peace, My Love, My Longsuffering, My Mercy. If one begins to base My Words on the extra books and does not use My Holy Written Bible as a compass do not listen to them for they are spewing lies from the devil. Some of My Extra Books that I specifically allowed to leave out of My Holy Canon are from God Jehovah, however some are mixed with lies from the adversary. They are not My Holy Writ. Trust me as I lead you with My Son Yeshua. I have instructed My Daughter to only stay in My Holy Bible from years ago and she has listened. These extra books are not Holy Spirit breathed. Only if I lead you to them should you ever be in them. They can lead you down the wrong path very quickly for the enemy has been granted much access to them. Children listen to what My Holy Spirit is telling you. If you feel His conviction OBEY His Voice. Do not lend your ears to ungodly philosophies and wive’s tales, stories or legends. Half truths are lies, I do not want My Beloved Ones to get caught in the cockatrice’s den. Papa God Yahweh tells you this as the world is beginning to rage from My Wrath, the earth is groaning and the seas are raging. Be on your guard and always call upon My Son Yeshua for help, He has you and your steps are numbered until the day you are called home. Papa God Yahweh has spoken.

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