Wendi Lee received this word on 23 October 2105

Please take this word to the Mighty God of All Creation in prayer.

Daughter write My Words from the King of Kings, The Mighty Savior:
Children, it is I, your Everlasting Father Yahweh. I AM not pleased with My Faithful Children going after other gods. I AM the Great Jehovah, I AM the Living and True God, The Almighty, Jehovah Elohim. I AM referring to the day that satan calls Halloween. Do you realize the detriment this causes in your own life. You are opening the windows of demons and following doctrines of devils. Do you not realize how you have been deceived by the enemy. Satan has tried to make it appealing to Christians, if they have an event at their church. This is a lie. If My People knew Me and My Commandments it wouldn’t have lured them. This is one of the most evil times in the year, and many of My Children think its innocent if they stay away from frightening costumes. No, My Beloveds, it is a great deception, it is not harmless. It invites the enemy right into your life; whether you think how harmless it is. I tell you the truth, you will have to answer for everything you do and say in this lifetime, that you have not repented of. I tell you, repent of this worship and bowing down to the evil. The world thinks evil is good and good is evil. This has been predicted in My Holy Word. Repent, My Faithful Children; for it is not harmless as the world system says it is. Are you going to listen to the world or your Holy God? Repent, repent, repent of your wicked ways. Lord God Yahweh

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